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Fibromyalgia is known for widespread pain throughout the body. Researchers discovered a link between a misalignment of the neck and the onset of fibromyalgia symptoms. To understand this, one must appreciate how the spine works along with the entire body.

Spinal health equates with the overall health of an individual. The spine is consists of small bones called vertebrae. The upper cervical bones are located in the upper part of the back and neck. They are important for many reasons. Firstly, they have the responsibility of allowing the head to move freely. Secondly, they protect the brainstem from damage. This is the communication highway of the body and brain. Lastly, this is also where the head sits in a proper position.

The central nervous system controls such things as:

  • Memory
  • Breathing
  • Reasoning and thinking
  • Movement of the body
  • Regulation of hormones
  • Seeing and hearing

If the upper cervical bones are not in proper alignment, it can lead to a malfunction of one of these systems. Once an injury or an accident has made these bones misalign, health problems will likely ensue. As a result, fibromyalgia symptoms will persist.

Fibromyalgia Relieved by a Healthy Spine

After examining the neck for any misalignments present, an upper cervical chiropractor can use a gentle, specific type of chiropractic that helps the bones of the neck to move back into place in a natural way. Often, the top two vertebrae of the neck are the ones to blame as they can easily shift out of place. The method an upper cervical doctor utilizes helps them to realign and allows the body to begin healing itself from the damage done. After that, communication is restored and many see a decrease in their fibromyalgia symptoms.

A study conducted involving 23 patients that all had fibromyalgia revealed that 90% of them saw an improvement in their symptoms after receiving care from an upper cervical chiropractor.

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