External Factors that Contribute to Vertigo

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Vertigo and other vestibular problems generally have an internal source relating to the function of the ears, the central nervous system, or a problem in the neck. However, there are also external factors that can make vertigo and related conditions worse. Here are a few such factors along with a natural way to seek relief.

Weather’s Effect on the Spinning Sensation

Vertigo episodes related to a condition called Meniere’s disease can be due to atmospheric pressure. According to a German study, changes in air pressure resulted in a flare-up of vertigo on the following day. Particularly, the problem has to do with an increase in pressure.

The Effect of Allergies on Vertigo

Both airborne and foodborne allergies can have an effect on vertigo. This is because allergic reactions often increase the amount of fluid in a person’s ears. If the vertigo issues are related to Eustachian tube malfunction, the ear has no way to drain the excess fluid. The result may be a spinning room.

Migraines and the Spinning Sensation

This is more of an internal factor than an external one, but migraines are a common cause of vertigo. In fact, silent migraines can have vertigo as a symptom without an accompanying headache. Vestibular migraines, in particular, present with spinning sensation.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Vertigo Relief

Upper cervical chiropractors have seen a great deal of success in helping patients who suffer from vertigo. This has particularly been the case with those who are coping with Meniere’s disease.

When the upper cervical spine becomes misaligned, this can have an effect on the proper function of the Eustachian tubes. Over time—sometimes as long as 15 years—a Eustachian tube lesion can develop that leads to Meniere’s disease.

If you are suffering from the false feeling of spinning or Meniere’s, especially if you have ever experienced head or neck trauma, an upper cervical chiropractor may be able to help you get relief by correcting the underlying problem—an upper cervical subluxation.

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