You’re Not Alone, Even Pro Athletes Experience Vertigo

vertigo remedies, NUCCA chiropractic

Hayley Hodson was a budding professional athlete who got recruited by Stanford. She was also an Olympic hopeful, eyeing a gold medal for her chosen sport – volleyball. But, sadly, the star athlete had to put her dreams aside after experiencing post-concussion syndrome symptoms such as chronic vertigo attacks

Another athlete, Jason Day, collapsed during the US Open in 2015 due to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. While the Australian golfer was able to continue playing, his symptoms affected his overall performance. 

Like every patient experiencing spinning sensations, both Hayley Hodson and Jason Day looked for vertigo remedies to help them recover and live comfortably. About 40 percent of the US population share the same vertigo experience. And a significant fraction of this group of people turns to healthcare professionals like doctors and NUCCA chiropractic practitioners for help.

Pro Athletes Diagnosed with Vertigo

It’s common to feel upset and frustrated to learn that you have vertigo. You might find yourself say things like “why me?” and “I don’t deserve this!”. Surely enough, no one wants to experience such a problematic symptom. 

But, unfortunately, it’s a widespread problem. It’s so prevalent that even pro athletes, who people often see as invincible with their unbelievable talent, strength, and agility, suffer from vertigo episodes from time to time.  

Here are a few examples of professional athletes who have vertigo:

#1. LeBron James

Believe it or not, LeBron “King” James has BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. That’s why just like Jason Day, he also experiences lightheadedness and sudden loss of body coordination. Yet, regardless of his debilitating condition, he remains one of the top scorers in the NBA and a well-known athlete worldwide. 

#2. Alain Robert

Anyone who loves climbing massive cliffs and skyscrapers would instantly recognize Alain Robert, AKA The French Spiderman. Despite being well known for his crazy feats at the Sydney Opera House, The Sears Tower, and the Eiffel Tower, Alain shares to his fans that he also has spinning sensations. But, instead of feeling discouraged about his health problem, he pushes forward, using it as one of his key motivators.

#3. Nick Esasky 

Nick Esasky was a tennis player who got drafted by Boston Red Sox back in the late 70s. He only played for a single season under the Boston team but has contributed a lot to the team's fantastic season. However, in 1990 he got diagnosed with vertigo. Unfortunately, his condition cost his entire baseball career as he never played another Major League Baseball match.

#4. Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew, a baseball player with the Washington Nationals, was only able to play in 70 of the 162 games last year. The reason? Spinning sensations. If you are dealing with vertigo, you may be able to relate to this athlete’s struggle. He found describing the condition to be difficult. While he seems no longer to be suffering from vertigo at the moment, the doctors never discovered the underlying cause, and so he’s left to wonder if it will return.

#5. David Duval

When David Duval got diagnosed with BPPV, he has been experiencing severe discomfort for weeks already. But, as it turned out, besides his BPPV symptoms, the professional golfer has suffered from other injuries in the past, including back and shoulder trauma. 

All these health problems contributed to a significant slump in his career. Unfortunately, these have caused him to miss out on three tournaments for the PGA Tour. 

vertigo remedies, NUCCA chiropractic

How Does a Vertigo Attack Feel?

While thousands to millions experience spinning sensations, some patients still have difficulty understanding the symptom. Others even confuse it for simple dizzying spells. So how do vertigo episodes feel? 

If you read through the different stories of people online on how spinning sensations impacts their lives, you would mostly see terms like “disorienting” and “debilitating.” That’s because the symptom causes a trembling or spinning sensation. It can leave you distracted and unable to move comfortably, especially if you have BPPV. 

If your attacks occur with other health problems like eye jerking, vomiting, nausea, and temporary hearing loss, then you are even more susceptible to injuries. When an episode occurs, it can affect how you walk, cross a street, or even drive a car. 

Thankfully, nowadays, you can get access to various options for vertigo remedies like NUCCA chiropractic care. It makes living with persistent vertigo symptoms more bearable. Also, such remedies provide you with opportunities to reduce or eliminate the spinning sensation once and for all. 

How Most People Cope When They Have Spinning Sensations

People looking for vertigo remedies are usually those who experience it the worse. Instead of feeling the spinning sensation for no more than five minutes, some experience lingering symptoms. The worse part is they experience additional symptoms, making the experience all the more unbearable and dangerous. 

Fortunately, though, you can tap into various remedy options for vertigo attacks, such as: 

  • Trying the canalith repositioning technique
  • Taking medications for nausea or motion sickness
  • Using steroids for spinning sensations
  • Taking diuretics to combat ear congestion 
  • Undergoing vestibular rehabilitation

NUCCA Chiropractic for Vertigo

Apart from the remedies listed above, you can also check out NUCCA chiropractic care. It's an innovative and natural healing technique used for folks whose vertigo episodes stem from traumatic injuries on the head or neck. The approach involves correcting cervical spine misalignments using gentle adjustments. 

A NUCCA doctor could carefully plan each upper cervical chiropractic adjustment to ensure that they can hold for many years and you experience lasting relief from your symptoms.  

The procedure can last for several weeks and provide you with results as soon as your topmost neck bones start shifting into their original positions. It can quickly become a life-changing procedure for someone who has been suffering from symptoms for months or years.  

Indeed, anyone, even famous athletes or other personalities, can suffer from spinning sensations. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel hopeless and helpless forever. 

If you want to experience changes in your symptoms, you can consult with a local upper cervical doctor. Find out how you can benefit from a unique remedy today!

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