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Fibromyalgia patients often deal with sensitivity to strong smells. As a result, some are reluctant to try a natural therapy like essential oils. However, some have seen benefits from the use of essential oils for pain relief.

Another natural therapy many fibromyalgia sufferers are reluctant to try is chiropractic. After all, what person who is already in pain wants to be bent and twisted on a chiropractor’s table? However, upper cervical chiropractic is offering the best of both worlds – the benefits of chiropractic care with none of the popping or cracking of the spine.

Let’s look at these two natural ways to seek help for the pain of fibromyalgia.

Essential Oils and Fibromyalgia

Naturists recommend various essential oils for pain relief. Some of these include:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Orange
  • Peppermint

Some scents relieve pain while others reduce stress or inflammation, two key factors in fibromyalgia control. If you decide to try oils, keep these factors in mind:

  • Some oils get very expensive, but often the cheaper oils are often not as pure and may be more likely to trigger a flare-up rather than helping.
  • Never use essential oils that you are allergic to.
  • Consult a physician to ensure oils won’t interfere with any of your other therapies.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on the C1 and C2 at the base of the skull using extremely gentle adjustments, rather than manipulating the entire spine. These bones play a pivotal role in posture and in proper alignment of the spine as a whole since the body adjusts for misalignments from the top down.

When the C1 and C2 are out of alignment, they can affect everything from proper blood flow to the brain to the function of the brainstem. As a result, the body may have difficulty processing pain signals, headaches can occur, and vertigo is also common.

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you for a consultation. You may find that a properly aligned upper neck provides the natural relief you’ve been searching for.