Ecotherapy for Migraine Relief: How Does it Work?

ecotherapy, chiropractor for migraines

Do you feel exhausted and frustrated with the migraine episodes that render you powerless and hopeless? Despite trying various treatments, are you unable to find a solution? If you haven't attempted this yet, here's something you might consider trying!

As it turns out, more and more people are taking advantage of nature’s healing power. Researchers and wellness professionals have even coined a new term: ecotherapy.  If you’re unaware of the benefits of ecotherapy, maybe you should look into the discussion. At the end of this blog, let us introduce you to another natural but more lasting relief option offered by Upper Cervical Chiropractors for migraines.


Ecotherapy: How Nature Works its Magic on Health Problems like Migraines

Ecotherapy has shown much healing potential, especially for people with chronic health conditions like migraines. Doctors, wellness gurus, and fitness professionals agree that spending time with nature can help unlock a different level of physical and mental healing.Essentially, this technique can comprise various activities. You can try using a structured approach or playing around with simple nature-related tasks such as walking in the forest and strolling in nature parks. To give you more in-depth insights on how to use ecotherapy to combat migraines, here are a few activities therapists usually add to the routine of patients trying the program:

Community farming or gardening

Tending to community farms or gardens offers you the chance to grow your food and nurture healthy relationships with neighbors. It can also dampen the pain by providing you with an excellent distraction. 

Adventure therapy

According to a popular adventure blog, spending enough time outdoors can help reduce stress levels and improve cognition and attention span. Additionally, nature rejuvenates the soul allowing you to shift into a more positive mood. 

Forest bathing

Taking a long stroll in the forest is an excellent way to stimulate your five senses and refocus your mind. 

Animal-assisted therapy

Petting, playing, and interacting with animals like dogs, cats, horses, sheep, and cows can give you another outlet to recharge your mind and spirit.Ecotherapy mainly helps patients navigate through stressful situations. As you might already know, stress increases the production of cortisol or a hormone that can set off a few problematic things that can contribute to worse headaches and migraines, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings and irritability,
  • High blog sugar
  • Suppression of immune system functions
  • Digestive issues 


How to Get Started with Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy can involve a lot of work, working closely with a therapist to monitor your progress and adjust your care regimen. You may also try doing these few simple activities to engage yourself with nature:

  • Working on your garden (you can start small with a few pots or a small veggie patch)
  • Star gazing on the rooftop of your place (or backyard; whatever is available to you)
  • Bird watching in your local nature park
  • Picking up trash on the beach
  • Reading a book in your garden or outdoor patio

ecotherapy, chiropractor for migraines

Chiropractors For Migraine Provide Lasting Relief More Than Ecotherapy Does

Sure, ecotherapy offers temporary relief from migraines, but unfortunately, your migraines would likely return in the future because it doesn’t address the root cause of your condition. The good news is that by visiting a chiropractor for migraines, you can fix the underlying cause of your migraines.Upper Cervical Care is a highly recommended way to address the undetected root cause of migraines—upper cervical (neck) misalignment. Below are a few scenarios that can lead to neck misalignment. Try to look into them one by one and see if you’ve suffered from these years ago:

  •  You’ve hurt your neck during a football, basketball, wrestling, or baseball match
  • You got into a car accident that resulted in a whiplash or conclusions
  •  You were in a traumatic incident that caused your neck to jerk forward and backward
  • You were a victim of physical abuse (maybe from a classmate bullying you, a partner committing domestic violence, etc.)
  • You’ve had an injury to your neck or head during childbirth

A chiropractor specializing in Upper Cervical Chiropractic may help you if you have suffered any of these mild to severe neck and head injuries. Through the technique, you can remove interferences in your brain and brainstem to avoid triggering chronic headaches or other migraine symptoms. Time to work with a chiropractor for migraines so you’d be free of pain and start enjoying what life has to offer! Schedule your appointment by locating the nearest practice in your city through our directory of Upper Cervical Doctors.


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