Drill Down to What’s True & What’s Not About Neck Pain

neck pain,Upper cervical chiropractors

One of the most prevalent body aches is neck pain. Our neck plays a critical role by supporting the brainstem. It also helps make sure the head maintains mobility. Upper cervical chiropractors shared that the neck is incredibly prone to injuries.

Finding the right, lasting relief is crucial. Although a lot of info is available online, not all of them might be accurate. 


Misconceptions About Neck pain

Here are some of the incorrect concepts about neck pain:

  • Only manual laborers get neck pain.

It might be true that people who perform backbreaking work are more prone to getting neck pain. Neck pain is not an exclusive condition for those who perform manual labor. Office-based and work-from-home employees also complain of neck pain. Maintaining a slouching position might be initially comfortable. When you shift to a new position a few hours after, be ready for the cramps your body will make you feel.

  • Rest is all you need.

Getting enough rest is essential. However, staying in bed for more than the recommended period is going to give you more neck cricks. If allowed by your medical professional, light exercises can help restore your neck’s flexibility.

  • Fault your lineage.

Much as you would like to pin this on your folks, this is not one of those conditions. Although there are kinds of neck pain that can be hereditary, the common forms are acquired and not passed on. We just cannot entirely pin the blame on your parents.

  • Comes with age.

While it might be true that older people are more susceptible to neck pain, this is not an exclusive condition to the aging members of our population. Neck pain is non-selective and can be felt by both young and old alike. The most important thing to remember is that the neck plays a critical role in connecting the head to the other body parts. Instead of putting off palliative care, it might be a good idea to pursue corrective action now. Upper cervical chiropractors can help you determine what options are available.

  • Pain is a mind game.

Games can be fun. This one is not. Also, pain is real and is not imaginary. It does not mean it is not present when you cannot visualize where it is. Consider this - your body is wrapped in skin. Beneath that are multiple layers of bones, muscles, tendons, and joints that make up your musculoskeletal system. The heart and other organs are there as well. The point is these are not visible to your eyes, yet you believe they are all there. Trust that neck pain is real as well. Upper cervical chiropractors have helped people determine the root cause of their neck pains as they find ways to possibly achieve relief.

  • Man, or woman, up.

You do not need to display your prowess by keeping neck pain to yourself. Delaying a consultation with your medical professional may do more harm than good. It does not make you weak if you acknowledge the pain and seek professional care. Carrying this load on your own can cause stress. Did you know that there is an incurable condition that can be triggered by stress? It is called fibromyalgia, and it is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain. There is no known cure, so people who are afflicted make do with managing the pain. Let us not trigger anything that might aggravate neck pain and lead to something else.

  • There is a pill for everything.

While there are different medications designed to address known ailments, remember not to take matters into your own hands. Seek medical attention. Health care professionals make complete extensive evaluations before prescribing medicine. Medical guidance is necessary when handling pain medicine.

neck pain,Upper cervical chiropractors

What Can You Do Now?

  • Mind your posture.

Being aware of the proper positions when sitting, standing, or lifting will benefit your body. An improper lifting form can cause neck pain. 

  • Eat well.

Infuse your body with the needed nutrients. This will help you stay in prime condition. Avoid eating foods that can trigger inflammation.

  • Stay active.

No need to go crazy and head to the weights if those are not your thing. Don’t get stressed out about not having the right workout clothes as well. Being active means incorporating movement into your schedule. Keep your ideal weight as well.

  • Get enough rest.

Make sure that you get a fitful sleep of 6-8 hours. Use pillows that provide support to your body. A lumpy pillow can end up straining your neck while you are striving to find a comfortable sleeping position. Invest in the right bed essentials.

  • Plot mini-breaks.

Take a break. Your body and mind do need to pause and recharge. Enjoy your coffee. Walk to the kitchen. Stretch. It does not take longer than two minutes. But this change will definitely help your body to loosen up. 

  • Manage stress.

Activities like yoga can help you cope with stress. Simple breathing exercises can be handy when needed. 


Upper Cervical Chiropractors Can Handle Neck Pain

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on the neck in determining the root causes of possible aches and discomforts. They adopt a precise, focused, and gentle approach in determining where neck pain is coming from and what is aggravating it. 

Upper cervical chiropractic involves a full evaluation to determine if your body is aligned. If there are opportunities for correcting any misalignments, chiropractors make sure they thoroughly explain the approach and the possible outcomes to you.

See for yourself the potential of chiropractic care in helping you achieve relief from neck pain. Working hand in hand with an upper cervical chiropractor near your local area can put you a step closer to a pain-free life.

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