Don’t Let Migraines Take Over Your Life

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Migraines. This single word can trigger a headache by itself. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of the world’s population has had a headache. Staggering, right? Despite this fact, upper cervical chiropractors regularly meet with people perplexed by their migraines.

A variety of reasons can cause headaches like an injury to the head area or even stress. A headache can also point to a medical condition like migraines.


What is a Migraine?

Have you ever experienced intense, throbbing pain that stopped you in your tracks? If yes, then that’s how a migraine feels. The discomfort can be overwhelming. 9 of 10 people who have experienced a migraine found it extremely difficult to perform their daily personal and professional responsibilities. 

The impact of a migraine extends beyond the affected person.

  • Millions of work hours are unrendered on an annual basis due to employees missing work due to migraines.
  • Thousands of dollars are spent to diagnose the condition. There is no actual test to identify a migraine. Medical experts often request thorough evaluations to come up with the correct diagnosis.
  • Hundreds of dollars are spent on prescription medication to alleviate the pain.

Learning as much as you can about migraines will go a long way in ensuring that you or someone you know can cope as best as possible.


What Are the Possible Triggers of a Migraine?

There are still numerous ongoing studies to identify the root cause of a migraine. Until a definitive list of reasons is identified, let us make do with a few probable triggers:

  • Hunger and dehydration

This might be unintentional in the case when you were slammed with work and missed a meal and a few glasses of water. It can be deliberate when you are trying out a new diet plan. Regardless of the reason, food and water are essential to our bodies. Denying our system the essentials can lead to a migraine.

  • Stress

Some people thrive with constant pressure while others wither in its presence. It does not matter where you land in the spectrum. It is essential to keep stress to a healthy level. Being tense and anxious puts your body on edge and can set off a migraine attack.

  • Fatigue

Pushing your limit might be taxing to your body and result in an incapacitating and painful headache. Make sure your body gets its well-deserved rest.

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What Are the Signs of a Migraine Attack?

According to upper cervical chiropractors, your body can set off an alarm before a migraine. These are some things to watch out for:

  • Muscle cramps

Your body might start feeling taut in preparation for an attack. Cramps are likely a result of muscle tension.

  • Nausea

Feeling dizzy and the need to throw up are likely indicators of an incoming migraine episode.

  • Diarrhea

Your discomfort level can make your tummy queasy and induce momentary instances of diarrhea.

  • Light sensitivity 

Your desire to switch off your lights and keep your room dark is another telling sign of a migraine.


Don’t Let Migraines Stop You

You can definitely do something to improve your quality of life. Now that you know the possible triggers, you can do a few other things to better cope with your current attack and prepare for future episodes.

  • Take notes

Doing so might be too much to ask when dealing with an attack, but the more details you can track, the better chances you will have in preparing for another episode. Keep notepads and pens handy. Note down your experiences before, during, and after an event. Can you remember what the likely triggers are? Also, take note of the start and end times. Your handwriting does not need to be legible at the moment. What is critical is you record as many details as you can.

  • Post-migraine review

A migraine can leave you spent and feeling washed out. Don’t force yourself to check your notes. Once you can do so, you might find a few things that stand out, and they can clue you in on the likely causes. Or, they might look like a bunch of random items to you. Don’t lose hope. Track your experiences as much as you can. You are likely to understand your migraine when you know as much as you can about it.

  • Eliminate triggers

Make sure you cover the basics. Eat well, hydrate, load up on rest, and manage stress. They might not ward off an attack, but they cannot trigger one.

  • Seek medical attention

Poring over the available information online is useful. However, talking to an expert is still preferable. They have studied what this condition is and have dealt with this ailment more than we ever had. Letting an expert complete an assessment far outweighs any preconceived apprehensions.


How Upper Cervical Chiropractors Deal with Migraines

Car crashes can cause whiplash, a sudden body movement where the head is jerked involuntarily from one side to the other. A simple head bump against a low ceiling may result in a non-visible neck injury.

An upper cervical chiropractor can complete the necessary evaluations to determine if the neck is still aligned or not. In misalignment cases, the neck cannot properly hold the head's weight and maintain its optimum connection to the body. This is one likely yet unknown reason for migraines.

Upper cervical doctors have helped many people, even those who never thought that chiropractic care is a viable option that can help them deal with migraines. They employ precise techniques to determine a misalignment. Then, they use a gentle method to prepare the body for realignment. 

Their approach is customized to your unique situation. Once the body is properly realigned, you might be in a better position to manage your migraine. Visit our directory to find out if there is an upper cervical chiropractor near you who can help.

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