Does Fibromyalgia Cause Burning Pain?

fibromyalgia, upper cervical care

Regardless of where you are, relief from the effects of fibromyalgia is critical. Some are looking into upper cervical care, essential oils, and other natural healing options. Those diagnosed with this condition often complain of burning sensations near the joints, searing muscle pain, and severe headaches. The pain level this condition causes is different from all else, so getting a reprieve is paramount.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) describes fibromyalgia as a medical condition where a person feels widespread pain all over the body. Aside from this, it is also a pain enhancer, meaning that any discomfort or agony can spike because of fibromyalgia. If a person has nerve pains like sciatica, fibromyalgia can enhance the burning feeling. The same goes for mouth sores and skin issues.


Known Pain Indicators

If you do not know whether you have fibromyalgia or not, then be mindful of these signs. Take note of the pain level, duration, and occurrence. Do share the details with your medical team, even with your chiropractic professional. The information you provide helps identify whether or not you do have this ailment.

  • Numerous pain points

People are not immune to pain, but the discomfort is usually limited to a specific body section. With fibromyalgia, there are different tender points in various parts of the body. The pain areas often feel warm to the touch. The person often feels a mild burning sensation in the neck, head, ears, or other body parts.

  • Extreme pain

Technically, the pain levels in some areas might not be so intense. However, when you factor in numerous areas screaming of pain, the indicator keeps rising. Some people consider chronic pain the most debilitating aspect of fibromyalgia.

  • Fatigue

Although this can be an indicator of other ailments, it is clear that being in constant pain can leave those diagnosed exhausted. For some people, fibromyalgia relief eludes them even in their sleep. According to upper cervical care professionals, the inability to complete a sleep cycle is an instigator of fatigue.

  • Sporadic muscular spasms

One thing most people find disturbing is when pain strikes from out of nowhere. Such is the case with muscle spasms which can often render people writhing in pain. Some apply ice packs on the sore areas to relieve the burning sensation. Albeit a plausible solution, the cold bags' prickly effect can trigger a new kind of pain in those dealing with fibromyalgia. 

  • Onset of migraines

Medical experts believe that headaches and migraines in fibromyalgia patients might be due to their circumstances and not a symptom. Those diagnosed with this general pain condition start experiencing headaches that can quickly turn into migraines since fibromyalgia also causes people to be sensitive to light and noise.

fibromyalgia, upper cervical care

  • Brain fog

An expected outcome of fibromyalgia is the difficulty of focusing on things. Concentration issues are physical manifestations of the stress the brain experiences when fibromyalgia sets in. As the brain utilizes its resources to manage pain, other bodily functions, including comprehension and focus, might be compromised.

  • Moodiness and anxiety

People diagnosed with this condition find it challenging to express their situation. Often, they can feel envious of others who carry out daily responsibilities without any worries. Those with fibromyalgia also need to ward off depression and mounting stress and anxiety levels. If not addressed, they can get moody quite quickly. Try to manage your stress as much as you can. Increased anxiety can wind you up, and the resulting pressure can aggravate the effects of fibromyalgia.


The Truth About Fibromyalgia

Members of the medical community believe that there is still no cure for fibromyalgia. However, it does not mean that all hope is lost. If a person diagnosed with this condition seeks relief for known body pains and discomfort, it is possible to manage the effects of fibromyalgia with medical professionals' help. In some cases, a significant reduction of pain levels is possible.

Some people opt for pain medication to manage their pain. In some cases, medical practitioners promote this option, especially when the pain becomes intolerable. However, there might be a natural way to address your discomfort. You might want to look into getting upper cervical care.

Although chiropractors are often associated with broken bones, they are proficient in other more critical aspects. One key area is spinal alignment, where chiropractic professionals help ensure the body remains balanced and symmetrical with the head. 

In misalignment cases due to displaced spinal bones and discs, the nerves encounter roadblocks as they travel to the brain and deliver their messages. When this happens, the brain might receive compromised signals or might misinterpret information and issue incorrect commands. When this happens, fibromyalgia and other ailments can wreak havoc.


Upper Cervical Care for Fibromyalgia Relief 

Chiropractic professionals help people find respite from pain by restoring spinal symmetry. Using the newest technology and customized approaches, chiropractors work diligently to correct alignment issues. By doing so, it fixes the body's natural communication pathways to the brain. When the brain rightfully processes signals transmitted by the nerves, it can significantly reduce the number of phantom pain commands to different body parts.

Upper Cervical Awareness has a list of licensed chiropractors in the United States. By referring to our directory, you can easily find your local chiropractic professional and sign up for upper cervical care. Go ahead and schedule an appointment now to get your questions answered. The sooner you decide, the more likely it is for you to achieve relief from the burning fibromyalgia pain.

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