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Dr. Ongaro, Aurora

Dr. Aurora Ongaro

Upper Neck Specialist
Symmetry Spinal Care
Practice Technique: NUCCA
7654 - 156 Street Edmonton, AB T5R 4K7

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Dr. Aurora Ongaro D.C. is a NUCCA doctor who practices at the Symmetry Spinal Care, an Edmonton-based upper cervical chiropractic office. She graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2004 and began practicing in Edmonton the same year. Before joining Symmetry Spinal Care in 2010, Dr. Aurora spent her first few years as a NUCCA doctor at the Providence Chiropractic Center, where she shared her passion for holistic and natural healing with thousands of sick and suffering patients. Currently, she holds a Level II certification as a NUCCA doctor and continues to complete her Level III certification to provide better upper cervical care for her patients. While the mother of three loves helping patients with varying health complaints, she takes particular interest in helping patients with migraines, headaches, and concussions. She is also passionate about providing accurate and in-depth assessments and adjustments to patients located in Edmonton and nearby towns.

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