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Dr. Kiefer, Aaron

Dr. Aaron Kiefer

Upper Neck Specialist
Tranquility Spinal Care
Practice Technique: NUCCA, Upper Cervical Care
1103 Gardenia Dr, Ste 2 Wapakoneta, OH 45895

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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Aaron Kiefer is the owner and founder of Tranquility Spinal Care in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He is a licensed NUCCA chiropractor who has been serving Ohio patients since 2007. Before pursuing a chiropractic career, Dr. Kiefer was an athlete who often came to chiropractors for natural healing. He decided to tread the same path by attending Palmer College to become a NUCCA doctor. He is passionate about upper cervical chiropractic care and aims to spread awareness about the benefits of the practice. Dr. Kiefer provides relief to his patients using Upper Cervical Care or NUCCA techniques.

Google Reviews and Success Stories

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Inspiring Story about Lower Back Pain and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Wapakoneta, OH
Mike came to our office seeking help for his lower back pain. It was so painful that he had to pull himself to roll over just to get out of bed and stand up. He even tried back surgery but it had little to no effect towards the pain. Watch his amazing story after receiving Upp...
A Unique and Gentle Type of Chiropractic Care for Sciatica Offered in Wapakoneta, OH
We value the trust of our patients and will continue to honor it by providing quality upper cervical chiropractic care. Jeff came to Tranquility Spinal Care seeking help for his sciatica. He has tried to take medication, traditional chiropractic and physical therapy but he rec...
Unique, Specific and Gentle Type of Chiropractic Care Offered in Wapakoneta, OH
We get so excited when patients give us amazing feedback on how being under our care has impacted their lives. Tina and John share their experience with the unique and gentle type of chiropractic care we offer at Tranquility Spinal Care. Upper Cervical Care frequently helps th...

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