Dizziness Helped by Study on Ballet Dancers

How research on ballet dancers can be a cure for dizziness?

When you think of dizziness, you may imagine yourself spinning around as a child until you have to stop before you fall down. Now imagine watching a ballerina perform numerous pirouettes and then continue to dance without missing a step. How is this possible and does it give any clues to help those suffering from spells of dizziness?

Where Dizziness Comes From

Dizziness originates in the vestibular organs of the inner ear comprised of fluid-filled canals which sense movement of the head by tiny hairs contained within. The brain receives signals from the inner ear. When a person spins about quickly, the fluid continues to move, giving the brain the indication the head is still in motion. However, ballet dancers can do full body spins and not feel the dizziness others perceive. How is this possible?

A team of researchers studied 29 female dancers and 20 female rowers of similar age and fitness levels. The study revealed that eye reflexes and the perception of spinning were shorter in duration for the dancers than the rowers. A scan by an MRI showed there were differences in the cerebellum (processing input) and the cerebral cortex (perceiving dizziness). The conclusion of the study was that by understanding how the brain works and the underlying vestibular function, patients with chronic vestibular disorders – such as dizziness – may be able to receive better help.

Ensuring Proper Signals to the Brain Helps Dizziness

A person may also feel dizzy if a misalignment of the bones exists in the upper cervical spine. This type of misalignment puts undue stress on the brainstem and may cause it to send distorted messages about the body’s location to the brain, thereby leading to dizziness.

Upper cervical chiropractors are specially trained to find these small misalignments. We then use a gentle method that encourages the bones to move back into place naturally without popping them. This can relieve the brainstem pressure and may also alleviate dizziness. To learn more, find an upper cervical chiropractor near you.


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