3 Diet-Related Migraine Triggers and 1 Natural Solution

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Migraines are an extremely common problem, and many of the medications for dealing with them produce disappointing results. For one thing, many of these drugs have unwanted side effects. For another, most do nothing to prevent migraines from occurring – they merely provide symptomatic care. As a result, many are trying to determine their own unique migraine triggers so as to reduce migraines by avoiding the triggers. Others are going one step further and trying to find the underlying cause of their migraines.

A Study Uncovers 3 Migraine Triggers

According to researchers in Cincinnati, Ohio, 3 migraine triggers in food are caffeine, nitrites, and MSG. These common substances can be difficult to avoid. Consider the following:

  • Caffeine – Coffee is a morning favorite for people in many countries. With suggested limits being placed at 400 mg a day and a cup of coffee equaling about 85 mg (for an 8-ounce size, not a 20-ounce Venti), someone can hit that limit quickly. Plus, caffeine is found in energy drinks, some teas, chocolate and other favorites.
  • Nitrites – This substance is common in processed foods and cured meats. From cold cuts to a fast food meal, there are nitrites hiding in many common lunch items.
  • MSG – Though Chinese food is best known for containing MSG, you may be surprised when examining the ingredients list of many processed foods at the store. From a bag of chips to a frozen dinner, it can be all too easy to ingest this substance without realizing it.

Coping with Migraines the Natural Way

While the dietary changes noted above can be beneficial for migraines and other health problems, it’s not a complete solution in itself. Migraine triggers are not the same as the underlying cause. The best way to stop migraines from happening is to find out the root cause and correct it. For many, this underlying problem is an upper cervical misalignment.

The C1 and C2 vertebrae can result in pressure on the brainstem when out of proper position. Such a misalignment can also affect blood flow to and from the brain. Migraines can result. This makes identifying and correcting such a misalignment a vital part of care when suffering from migraines. Find an upper cervical chiropractor near you to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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