Dealing with the Stigma of Migraines

How to deal with Migraine Stigma?

Certain health conditions have a stigma attached to them, and despite how common migraines are (about 12% of adults), they seem to come along with a great deal of stigma. Unfortunately, according to researchers, the impact of stigma makes migraines worse. So the question then becomes: How can you reduce the amount of stigma felt so as not to make migraines worse?

What Is Attached to Migraine Stigma?

The stigma of migraines can affect a patient in numerous ways:

  • Ashamed of Being Sick – When a person is ashamed of having a certain condition, it can lead to trying to hide it. This leads only to the condition being further misunderstood.
  • Social Isolation – Relationships with friends and family members may become strained. This is in part due to a lack of open communication.
  • Loss of Work – If an employer doesn’t understand a person’s health condition, it can result in termination due to missed work days.
  • Disability – The stigma of a condition can become disabling to the sufferer as the stress can make the condition chronic.

How can one overcome the negative attitudes that many have toward migraines?

Migraines – Overcoming the Stigma

The first step comes from within. Don’t be ashamed of being sick. Of course, that is easier to say than do, but knowing you are far from alone is part of the battle. There are plenty of places you can go to learn about migraines and just how common they are.

The second step is to communicate well. Hiding your condition will only make matter worse. Being open with friends, family, and coworkers can remove some of the stigma and stress that may result in worsening health.

Finally, get all the help you can to improve your migraines. Upper cervical chiropractic has been able to help many by providing gentle relief from a misalignment of the top bones of the spine. These bones play a vital role in the neurological and vascular systems that are related to migraines. To learn more, schedule a consultation with a practitioner near you.

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