Link between Vertigo and Whiplash Injuries

Vertigo is the sensation of movement when there is none. Most describe it as a feeling that the room is spinning. Getting to the underlying cause of vertigo is key for helping to reduce or eliminate occurrence. How do whiplash-type injuries come into play? A study involving 139 Meniere’s patients helps to explain.

The Case Study

While the study involved patients suffering from Meniere’s disease, the primary symptom of this condition is vertigo. In this particular study, it is important to note that all 139 patients had a whiplash-type injury before the spinning sensation and other Meniere’s symptoms began. This allows us to make the connection between whiplash and vertigo.

The study involved the use of upper cervical chiropractic care to examine the necks of the patients for subluxations and to correct these. As a result, 136 of the 139 patients saw dramatic reductions in the severity of vertigo. In fact, prior to care, the patients rated the intensity of their vertigo at an average of 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. After just six weeks of care, that average was reduced to 3/10. After two years it had been reduced to just 1.4/10.

This shows that upper cervical chiropractic care can provide great benefit for those suffering from spinning sensation, especially if they have a history involving a whiplash injury.

Confirm the Vertigo and Injury Link

Another study involving 60 vertigo patients found that 56 could remember some kind of head or neck trauma that occurred before symptoms began. These injuries included car accidents, sports injuries, horseback riding accidents, and slip and fall injuries. After receiving upper cervical care, 48 of the 60 patients saw their vertigo resolve completely. The other 12 all saw a reduction in the frequency and severity of vertigo attacks.

It is clear to see that vertigo patients should seek upper cervical care. If you had head or neck injury in your past, the more you are a candidate for this unique method.

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