What can be worse than a common migraine?

Yes, migraines and tension headaches can occur together. They can be called mixed tension migraines, transformed migraines, chronic daily headaches, or chronic migraines. Most people do not realize that their migraine may be accompanied by a tension headache because the migraine pain is so severe it encompasses their attention. So, how can someone know if they are having two headaches at the same time?

What Do a Migraine and Tension Headache Feel Like Together?

Along with normal migraine symptoms, a person may also notice pain behind one eye, head or neck pain, and pressure like a band around the head. These can indicate a tension headache. Usually, a person that experiences these headaches have a history of migraine headaches that started in their adolescence or early twenties. Some patients describe their migraines as getting somewhat less intense, but occurring now on a daily basis.

No matter what kind of a headache you are dealing with knowing what may be triggering them is a good place to start. Keeping a headache journal with such information as when the headache started, what the person what doing at the time, what the weather was like, and what foods were eaten just before the headache will help a person see a pattern developing. Here are some common triggers of tension and migraine headaches. (The asterisk indicates migraine triggers as well as tension headache triggers.)

  • Being extremely tired
  • Eye strain
  • Not maintaining good posture
  • Being sick with the flu or a cold
  • Having a sinus infection*
  • Alcohol consumption*
  • Emotional stress*
  • Too much or too little caffeine*
  • Smoking or being around second-hand smoke*

The Best Way to Treat Headaches

Upper cervical chiropractors have specific training when it comes to treating patients with headaches. We focus on the top two bones of the upper neck, as a misalignment here is often the root cause of many types of headaches and other health problems. Once we find the misalignment using the latest techniques, we will work to correct this problem. Many patients have reported finding relief in both tension and migraine headaches.

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