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If you suffer from daily headaches, there may be an underlying reason that the pain is occurring so frequently. If you can identify lifestyle causes, a few simple changes may help you to reduce the frequency of headaches quickly. Let’s look at 5 things we often do to make headaches worse for ourselves.

#1: Skip Meals

Did you wake up late and head to work without breakfast? Maybe you just looked at the clock and realized it’s after 2 and you still haven’t had lunch. Don’t be surprised if today’s headache starts any minute. Skipping meals drops blood sugar and leads to headaches.

#2: Not Sleeping Enough

Did you stay up late with the guys after work? Maybe you just had a lot to do at home after working all day, or one of the kids kept you up all night because of a cough that needed your attention. Regardless of the reason you’re losing sleep, headaches are more likely to become frequent.

#3: Taking Headaches Medications

You can’t afford to sacrifice productivity, so every time a headache starts you go right to the medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, these over-the-counter headache meds aren’t meant to be taken every day. If you are taking pills more than 2 days a week, most of your headaches may be rebound headaches, aka medication overuse headaches.

#4: Drank/Missed Your Morning Cup of Coffee

That’s right. Caffeine gets you coming and going. Your headache may be because you had too much or that you didn’t get enough. For some, it becomes a delicate tightrope balance. Plus, your coffee may not be your only source of caffeine (check your headache meds’ ingredients list).

#5: Poor Posture at Work

Do you find yourself slouching at your desk, craning your neck down toward a mobile device most of the day, or holding a phone between your ear and shoulder? Putting that kind of stress on your neck and the rest of your spine can easily lead to headaches.

Upper Cervical Alignment and Headaches

Most people don’t know that even a slight misalignment of the C1 or C2 vertebra can lead to headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches, an upper cervical chiropractor can examine the exact location that often leads to problems. If a misalignment is discovered, a gentle adjustment may be able to get you back on track and provide a significant reduction in headache occurrence.

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