Managing Pain in Children with Migraine

Headaches and migraines can have a profound effect on children. As adults, some find it challenging to cope with the pain, but, for children, it is a real struggle. In fact, 46% of adults suffer from some type of a headache and up to 10% of children do, as well. And, this number continues to increase.

The American Migraine Foundation reports that approximately 60% of children have a headache once in a while. Others suffer more often. Migraines are often misdiagnosed or even under-diagnosed. The treatment given is usually that of prescription medication that comes with harmful side-effects, particularly for children. Parents are often leery of giving their children these drugs but are desperate for help. They may wonder if any natural treatments work and are safe for their child.

The Underlying Cause of Migraines

Interestingly, much research has been done regarding children, as well as adults, and why headaches occur. It has been found that, in many cases, the root cause is a misalignment of the C1 or atlas bone. This is the top bone in the upper neck. A misalignment can happen by a simple fall, a car accident, a sports injury, or even the birthing process. This area is vital to the health of the entire body because the brainstem meets the spinal cord right where this particular vertebra is located. If there is a misalignment, pressure is exerted on the brainstem causing communication between the brain and body to fail or incorrect signals to be sent. This can result in, not only headaches but behavior issues and other health problems as well.

We, as upper cervical chiropractors, use the upper cervical methods to treat our patients, adults and children alike. It does not involve popping, twisting, or forcing the spine. It is very gentle and pain-free approach. Improvement in children has been seen in as little as one or two visits. There are no dangerous side-effects. Children can go on being children, leaving the pain of migraines behind.

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