Cervical Chiropractor Helped Migraineur Regain Confidence

Upper Cervical Care, chiropractor for migraines

Do you wake up with a pounding headache that turns into a migraine? Do you get sleepless nights because of your symptoms? Do you dread going to work, or are you forced to cut your hours because the pain makes it impossible to function? Do you feel your life has been put on hold because of your migraines? Roughly 39 million people in the US alone experience the same problem. Like you, their lives often take a major hit, and they must make compromises and sacrifices to work around their situation. One example would be Alicia, a migraineur who suffered from severe migraines before consulting a chiropractor for migraines.


Upper Cervical Care was Alicia’s silver lining 

Because of Alicia's migraines, she visited a neurologist to get checked and receive monthly injections to ease her pain. On top of that, she also had regular physical therapy sessions. Still, her symptoms persisted, encouraging her to explore another option: Upper Cervical Care. 

Even if her insurance did not cover the procedure and she would have to pay out of pocket, she gave it a try in hopes of getting rid of these migraines.

Sure enough, her leap of faith paid off.

Her visits to the Upper Cervical office revealed that her issues stem from atlas and axis bone misalignment. After understanding what the procedure entailed, she decided to push through and receive chiropractic adjustments to her upper neck bones. 

Weeks into the care regimen, her symptoms improved. She began feeling better and walking straighter. To top things off, her pain has significantly gone down, allowing her to back to her usual routine.


From Fear to Confidence

Alicia's quality of life has improved dramatically after receiving Upper Cervical Care. She no longer dreads going to work and can work a full day without worrying about her migraines. 

Her journey from combatting fear and regaining her confidence was not easy at first. But once her Cervical Chiropractor completed the diagnosis, she was able to pinpoint the root cause of her suffering - neck bone misalignments.

Like most chiropractic care patients, Alicia likely developed cervical spine issues due to poor posture and previous neck injuries. Unknown to her, her atlas and axis bones have shifted. This caused her head to tilt to one side and her shoulders and hips to become unbalanced. 

Consequently, this chain of events affected blood flow and nerve signal transmission to and from the head. The muscles along her neck also become stiff and painful, further adding to the problems and increasing her risk for recurring migraine headaches. 

Fortunately, the timely intervention of her migraine chiropractor helped restore balance in her Upper Cervical spine. This allowed the affected body structures to work normally again and released excess pressure on the muscles and nerves along the cervical spine.

cervical chiropractor, chiropractor for migraines

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If you've been suffering from migraines and desperately need relief from your symptoms, consider reaching out to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor near you. This way, you can book a consultation and schedule your initial assessment. The sooner you figure out if you have postural imbalances in the cervical spine, the quicker you can plan your next steps and receive Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. 

Make an appointment with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor today to be a few steps closer to experiencing lasting migraine relief. 
We also encourage you to check out the full video interview of Alicia to learn more about the unique approach of a Cervical Chiropractor.


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