Can Music Help Ease Migraines?

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Migraines are one of the most painful and debilitating conditions experience. Millions of people suffer from them, and it can be challenging to find relief that sometimes works. However, some remedies, apart from pain medicines, have been proven to help ease migraine pain and discomfort, such as upper cervical care. Another natural method considered is music therapy.

Music is known to soothe our souls. So can it provide relief for people who suffer from migraines? A set of studies involving over 3500 participants has shown that listening to music for pain offers potential advantages of low cost, ease of provision, and safety.

The authors of the study found that music helps reduce the patients' pain and increases the number of those who reported at least 50 percent pain relief. Music also helps reduce the subjects' requirements for morphine‐like pain relievers. 

Many people also use music to relax the body and mind and reduce stress. As you may know, stress is a big migraine trigger. Hence managing stress can lead to reduced chances of migraine pain. 


How can music possibly help with migraine?

More people are getting into natural, non-invasive methods to help with certain health conditions, including migraine. However, patients can explore several options when tackling this painful condition, such as upper cervical care, essential oils, acupressure, or music therapy. Music therapy is a type of audio therapy using various sounds, music, or even spoken words to help make a person feel better. A study published in 2020 shows two (2) ways in which music helps with migraine:

Reduce migraine severity

The study showed that the group who supplemented their treatment with music experienced a reduction in pain severity after 30 minutes. There were 84 percent of people in the music therapy group whose migraine severity was reduced compared to 73 percent who only received medication.In the same study, 13 patients required more medication because of high pain ratings, and among these, only three came from the group whose remedies were supplemented with music.

Reduce migraine duration

The study also showed 100 percent improvement within two (2) hours among patients in the music and medication group compared to 94 percent from those who only received medication. In addition, all participants whose symptoms subsided were discharged within two hours. There were 13 well enough to leave and 11 in the music and medication, upper cervical care

Upper Cervical Care: A Unique and Life-changing Source of Migraine Relief

While the exact cause of migraine remains unknown, experts believe that it can result from abnormal brain activity that affects the brain's nerve signals, blood vessels, and chemicals. Another overlooked condition that can influence migraine episodes is upper cervical misalignment. A misalignment in your upper cervical spine, located in the neck area, can trigger migraine episodes due to the pressure it puts on the nerves in this area of the body. These nerves help control blood flow throughout the head region. When these nerves become compressed due to misalignment, this can result in symptoms similar to migraine attacks. To help resolve this issue, the patient will have to undergo upper cervical chiropractic adjustments, which is a safe and gentle way to correct bone misalignment. The adjustment helps restore proper alignment in the upper cervical spine, reducing nerve compression and relieving any associated headaches.  While each person may respond differently depending on their situation, some proven natural approaches, such as upper cervical care, may help provide lasting relief, so you don't have to suffer another episode of debilitating pain. Try reaching out to an upper cervical chiropractor near you to get your spine alignment checked. This will also give you a good chance to find lasting relief.


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