Can Lower Back Pain Trigger Migraine Episodes?

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Have you ever experienced having back pain and a migraine episode on the same day? At first, you might think that you're just having a bad day. Alternatively, you might even blame those overtime hours you spent at work. "So this is what reaping the fruits of my labor means,” you jest. But, as it turns out, migraine attacks have a solid link to lower back pain. 

Every upper cervical chiropractor for migraines (including those who practice NUCCA chiropractic) has seen countless individuals with migraines and back pains simultaneously.  

Let’s investigate how lower back pain can lead to the onset of a migraine attack and what remedies you can use to improve your symptoms.


Connection Between Back Pains and Migraines

Anyone who is no stranger to migraines understands the value of establishing the patterns of a migraine attack. For example, does it happen when you don’t get enough sleep? How often do you experience an attack, and how long does each episode lasts?  Ideally, it would be best to know as much as you can about your migraine episodes. This way, you can cope better and identify the best course of action to take. 

When observing your migraine attacks, we recommend starting with your usual triggers. NUCCA chiropractic practitioners notice cases of migraine attacks that occur with mild to severe back pain. Sadly, most patients aren’t sure if their backache has anything to do with the throbbing feeling in their head and the long list of other symptoms they experience.  

So, what’s the deal with back pains and migraine episodes? Are they even related? Studies say yes. As it turns out, your chronic back pain and migraines have quite a few strong links. Here are some notes from studies concerning migraines and backaches:

Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters affect the brain’s blood vessels

When the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters fluctuate in your brain, the blood vessels tend to constrict and dilate at an abnormal rate, causing discomfort each time you have a migraine episode. Studies also show that low serotonin and dopamine can also trigger chronic pain that can affect various body parts, such as your back muscles.

Having a central nervous system malfunction

Contrary to popular belief, a migraine episode isn’t a simple headache. Instead, it’s a neurological problem that causes symptoms like nausea, sensory disturbances, and fatigue. Often, it shares the same trigger with chronic back pains - a cervical misalignment. Notably, when the upper neck bones slip or shift from their original places, they impact the brainstem, a crucia structure within the central nervous system. 

This is why patients who have back pains or migraine episodes go to a NUCCA chiropractic practitioner for help. Essentially, a chiropractor for migraines provides gentle neck bone adjustments to release pressure on the brainstem and restore its normal function.  

Presence of vascular system problems 

Smooth blood flow is crucial to maintaining excellent organ and tissue function. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from vascular disorders or blood clotting due to excessive fat buildup in the blood vessels. As studies prove, such vascular system abnormalities can lead to the onset of migraines with aura and low back pain. 

chiropractor for migraines, NUCCA chiropractic

What to Do When You Have a Migraine and Back Pain

NUCCA chiropractic practitioners have heard many frustrating and unpleasant stories of people who experience backaches and migraines simultaneously. And in most cases, these patients don’t know why they have such symptoms. If this sounds like you, we recommend consulting a doctor as soon as possible. 

This can help you narrow down the main reason behind your suffering. For example, could it be a neurological problem or defect such as an irritated brainstem? Is it because of a hormonal issue due to birth control pills, obesity, lack of quality sleep, or drug abuse?

Typically, your doctor might perform physical tests or ask you to undergo further examinations like blood tests, x-ray imaging, CT scans, or MRI scans. 

Then, once you determine the root cause of your pain, you can begin seeking remedies like:

  • Visiting an upper cervical chiropractor for migraines
  • Trying massage therapy to ease the nerve and improve blood flow
  • Taking necessary medications to improve hormone levels in the body
  • Working on your posture to reduce the risk of back pain and cervical misalignment
  • Making better lifestyle choices like avoiding migraine and back pain triggers


What to Expect From NUCCA Chiropractic

NUCCA chiropractic has been one of the go-to remedies for people with terrible and recurring back pain and migraines. That’s because it’s a proven remedy that seeks to resolve the underlying cause of suffering in many patients – misaligned upper cervical bones. 

When you have a history of neck trauma due to a car collision, contact sports or physical abuse, or have a poor posture, your neck bones can shift to a certain degree. Sometimes, even the smallest changes can cause many problems, including back pain and migraine episodes. This is because the cervical bones affect your brain’s ability to communicate with various parts of the body via the brainstem – your body’s information superhighway. 

Thankfully, with the expertise of an upper cervical chiropractor for migraines and back pains, you can correct the problem and experience long-term relief. After receiving ample neck bone adjustments, you gradually remove the undue pressure on your central nervous system and improve your condition. 

If you’re having a hard time with migraines and back pains, you can consult with a nearby NUCCA upper cervical care practitioner. You might have cervical misalignments, which can get better once you get NUCCA adjustments. You can experience massive improvements in your debilitating symptoms too!


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