A Non-Invasive Way to Lasting Migraine Relief

Non Invasive, Long term migraine relief

A new device is being tested as a treatment option for the over 37 million people across America suffering from migraines.  Over 140 people are participating in a trial during which the device being tested is implanted into the forehead just beneath the skin.  The implant is about the size of a pea, and patients are able to trigger an electric signal by pushing a button on the device’s battery, which clips to the ear.  Since migraines are believed to be the result of abnormal signals being sent and received by the brain, the idea behind this new device is to send electrical pulses that will interfere with these abnormal pain signals, thus tricking the brain into thinking there is nothing wrong.


If this sounds like a drastic measure to you, you’re not alone—not to mention that this procedure only addresses the symptom of migraine pain and doesn’t actually get to the bottom of why migraines are an issue in the first place.


The Head-Neck Connection

Many migraine sufferers who find their way to our practice have tried everything to find relief.  When we consult with them, many have one thing in common – some type of injury or trauma to the head or neck.  Sometimes it can be a major incident like a car accident, but oftentimes, it’s something minor like a slip on the sidewalk or banging their head on a kitchen cabinet.  The reason this is important is because it creates a subtle misalignment of the atlas vertebra, which sits right at the base of the skull.  An atlas misalignment can put abnormal pressure on nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues that contribute to the abnormal pain signals of a migraine episode.


In our practice, we focus specifically on detecting and correcting these atlas misalignments.  Once we identify the problem, we are then able to restore normal alignment using very gentle, specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustments.  Many of our migraine patients report that the frequency and severity of their attacks has greatly reduced or disappeared entirely.  Because we are able to find the root cause of migraines, and don’t just chase around the symptoms, we are able to help people find the lasting relief they’ve been seeking.




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