Can Chiropractors Help with Fibromyalgia?

can chiropractors help with fibromyalgia?

Are you tirelessly seeking a way to alleviate your fibromyalgia pain? Amid the various potential remedies available, one option might have caught your attention - Upper Cervical Care. But, you might be wondering, what does Upper Cervical ChiropracticCare entail? How can chiropractors help with fibromyalgia? If you have a lot of questions or reservations about this unique and holistic technique, you will definitely find it enlightening to read through our discussion below.

Remember, living with fibromyalgia does not make you a mere bystander in your life; you're a warrior, boldly exploring new avenues of hope and healing. Let this journey lead you to explore and understand more about this unique and holistic technique. Stay courageous in your pursuit of relief and remember, you have the strength to shape your story into one of resilience and triumph.


Explaining Fibromyalgia: Basic Things You Must Know

Fibromyalgia (FM) is often misunderstood, making it difficult to diagnose and address. However, it is essential to understand its symptoms, causes, and conventional treatment options to manage it better. The primary symptom of fibromyalgia is pain, which can be described as a constant dull ache or a burning sensation. 

This pain is often widespread, affecting multiple body areas, including the shoulders, neck, back, hips, and legs. In addition to pain, fibromyalgia causes fatigue, sleep disturbances, and cognitive problems, such as difficulty concentrating and remembering things.

The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not fully understood, but studies note that it may be related to a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Some common triggers of fibromyalgia pain include physical or emotional stress, infections, hormonal imbalances, and changes in weather or temperature. 

Another trigger that researchers have been looking into is neck bone misalignments. Notably, changes in the cervical spine after a neck or head injury causes the head to tilt sideways. A misaligned atlas also impacts how your brain processes pain and pressure signals, making you more sensitive to these stimuli and draining your energy levels to cope each time you have a flare-up.

It’s a good idea to check for atlas bone misalignment as your fibromyalgia trigger, especially if you have ruled out underlying causes. To verify, it would help to book a consultation with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

can chiropractors help with fibromyalgia?

How Can Chiropractors Help with Fibromyalgia?

Upper Cervical Chiropractors focus on correcting atlas bone misalignment. Doing so will help you negate the effects of postural imbalances that develop months or years after sustaining a neck or head injury. The gentle chiropractic adjustments aim to restore balance in the Upper Cervical spine and improve nerve function. It also comes in extra handy in promoting holistic healing throughout the body. 

If nothing has worked for you ever since you got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you should definitely consider consulting with an Upper Cervical doctor. A typical consultation session consists of the following:

  • A comprehensive examination of the cervical spine using advanced imaging techniques
  • A review of your medical history to check events that might have compromised your atlas and axis bones
  • Physical assessment of your body to check for neck stiffness, muscle knots, and uneven alignment of your shoulders and legs

A lot of people certainly found lasting relief after seeking an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for fibromyalgia pain. As their atlas and axis bones return to a neutral alignment, pressure on the nervous system gradually diminishes. This ensures uninterrupted communication between various body systems and improves overall health and well-being.   

Try this gentle and natural plan and be pleasantly surprised by its promising potential. Book your appointment with the nearest Upper Cervical Chiropractor in your city using the Upper Cervical Awareness directory!


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