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If you’re experiencing vertigo but don’t know how it comes about, it is easy to assume that it’s just a matter of misinterpreted signals from your inner ears. Now, while that’s true to some extent, some studies note other potential vertigo risk factors or triggers. One example is the body’s pH level.

Researchers explain that your body’s pH level can influence several body functions. If it’s too acidic or too alkaline, it can cause problems in your digestion and muscle movement. Additionally, it can influence certain factors like aging, cardiovascular tissue damage, and kidney filtration. 

In this article, we’ll tackle how your body pH serves as a contributing factor to debilitating health problems like vertigo attacks. Moreover, we will discuss your best options for natural and holistic vertigo relief.


The Relationship Between Body pH and Vertigo Episodes

Now you could be wondering, “Is there a relationship between pH level and vertigo?” The answer is yes, there is a relationship between pH level and vertigo. The body’s pH level affects the amount of acid in your body, which can play a role in processing sensations and exterior stimuli like movements of things around you. 

The optimal pH level for your body is slightly alkaline at 7.3-7.5 on the pH scale. Your blood should be slightly alkaline as well at 7.35-7.45 on the same scale (the lower bound of these ranges represents high acidity). Your urine should fall somewhere between or along the 5 -6 scale – in which the higher bound represents too much alkalinity.

Unfortunately, when your body’s pH level dips, you will likely experience the following problems:

  • Slower cell regeneration and tissue repair and recovery
  • Over taxed immune system (which can set off chronic inflammation and impact inner ear organs)
  • Faster proliferation of disease-causing microorganisms inside your body (hence, increased risks for severe infections)

Needless to say, you should pay closer attention to your body’s pH level with the help of tips and tricks such as stress management and diet modifications. Here’s a closer look at what you must do to help avoid pH level imbalances:

#1. Balanced diet

The first and probably the most basic thing you can do to keep your body’s pH level in check is to eat a balanced diet. We suggest making necessary modifications and taking advantage of health-boosting ingredients. 

#2. Health supplements

Another option you can tap into is taking food supplements.Many types of supplements available on the market today can help balance out your pH levels and relieve some of the symptoms associated with vertigo.

#3. Regular exercise

Exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, which is an essential factor for reducing the risk of developing vertigo. Exercise also promotes better circulation, which can help relieve symptoms of vertigo by increasing blood flow to where it is needed most. The best type of exercise for this condition is walking because you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t require a special piece of equipment.

vertigo, body pH, upper cervical

Tap Into Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care To Achieve Vertigo Relief

Upper cervical care is a natural approach to improving vertigo episodes. So, besides maintaining better pH levels, you might find it helpful to consult with a cervical chiropractic doctor. This remedy helps you experience less frequent spinning sensations by restoring your axis and atlas alignment.

Cervical chiropractors can identify and correct vertebral subluxations, which are misalignments or displacement of bones that make up the topmost section of your spinal column. When these subluxations occur, they can compress or irritate nerves and interfere with brain signal transmission.

If you are a person who is suffering from vertigo, check out Upper Cervical Awareness for more information on this holistic approach to such debilitating pains. If you are keen on trying upper cervical chiropractic, you can find a credible doctor of chiropractic near you through our Cervical Chiropractic Doctors Directory.


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