How Do I Know If My Headache Is From Stress?

Do you feel like you're constantly carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do stressful situations overwhelm you to the point that you lose sleep or appetite? Do you also notice an onset of headaches whenever stressful incidents arise? Do you experience a pounding headache that refuses to go away? Are you struggling […]

Can Migraines After A Whiplash Injury Get Worse?

Have you ever been involved in a nasty car accident, a sports collision, or a fall that resulted in a sudden jolt to your head and neck? Has your neck and head been hurting since sustaining the traumatic injury? Do you experience severe headaches that don't improve even after using your go-to remedies for migraines, […]

Headache After a Slip and Fall Accident: How it Works

Have you been experiencing mild to severe headaches since you slipped at the grocery parking lot last week? Have you recently fallen and hurt your head while climbing a flight of stairs? Since your accident, have your headaches gotten worse, to the point where you had to cancel plans with loved ones or made compromises […]

How Many Upper Cervical Adjustments Can Relieve TMJ Pain?

Are you tired of living with TMJ pain? If you are, you likely have several questions in mind, including: "How many Upper Cervical doctor visits can make a difference?" and "Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic legit for TMJD sufferers?". Find out the answers to these FAQs as we deep dive into Upper Cervical Care and how […]

Navigating Life with Post-Concussion Vertigo

Have you ever had a concussion that you didn’t bother to get checked because it wasn’t anything major? Then fast forward a few months later, and you’re suddenly feeling dizzy and wobbly in your legs when you’re merely standing. Well, the thing is, after a concussion, it’s quite common to experience such symptoms, and if […]

Reeling in the Fun: Fishing Despite Having Vertigo

Do you long for the thrill of reeling in a big catch but feel like your vertigo is keeping you from the open seas? As a fisherman, there's nothing quite like the rush of being out on the water, feeling the salty breeze on your face and the tug of the line in your hands. […]

Overcoming Neck Pain After a Head Injury

Has your achy neck been preventing you from doing well at work? Do you constantly battle the urge to rub your neck, searching for relief that never seems to come? Have you been in an accident that hurt your head and now live with intense neck pain? Let's unravel the mystery of chronic neck pain […]

Don't Risk It: 4 Troubling Signs of Vertigo While Driving

How has your neck been feeling since your last adjustment from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor? Have your vertigo symptoms improved? Are you feeling more confident doing things like driving to work or planning a long road trip? As we always tell our patients, restoring proper cervical spine alignment can take time. So the symptoms you […]

Cervical Chiropractor Helped Migraineur Regain Confidence

Do you wake up with a pounding headache that turns into a migraine? Do you get sleepless nights because of your symptoms? Do you dread going to work, or are you forced to cut your hours because the pain makes it impossible to function? Do you feel your life has been put on hold because […]

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