Reduced Bladder Function and Other Sciatica Symptoms

how to get rid of sciatica

Whenever we think of bladder problems, we rarely associate them with sciatica. However, in truth, reduced bladder function is among the many symptoms of this painful disorder. Let’s explore how these two relate to each other plus the rest of the sciatica symptoms that patients complain about. Also, let’s unravel the secrets on how to get rid of sciatica.


What is Sciatica and Why Does It Hurt?

The body features various nerve bundles, including the sciatic nerve, stretching from the top of your hips to the toes. When this nerve bundle gets irritated or compressed, you suffer from sciatica, an excruciating disorder that can cause various symptoms. According to Harvard Health, sciatica is a widespread problem that affects up to 40 percent of the population. 

Below are some of the leading symptoms that patients with sciatica observe:

1. Muscle Tingling, Numbness, or Weakness 

Experiencing muscle weakness, tingling, or numbness out of the blue can be quite irritating and unpleasant. Sadly, if you get diagnosed with sciatica, then you will likely experience this symptom from time to time. 

2. Radiating Pain 

The sciatica is, without a doubt, the most extensive nerve fiber. As a result, it can cause pain felt in several parts of the body when it gets pinched or compressed. Some patients only observe aching limited to the hips and one side of the buttocks. However, others experience the worst bouts of pain because the sensation extends up to the tips of the toes. 

3. Lower Back Pain

Often, people looking for ways on how to get rid of sciatica experience agonizing lower back pain. The sensation mostly starts at the hips or tailbone area and spreads to nearby tissues. It can keep you from attending to usual tasks like cleaning the house, running errands at the office, and driving around.   

4. Trouble in Controlling your Bladder and Bowel 

Patients with severe cases of sciatica can experience bowel or bladder incontinence. This happens because herniated discs, bone spurs, or other types of protruding tissues press on the nerves that control your bowel and bladder function. 

Doctors specifically refer to this condition as cauda equina syndrome. Besides affecting your excretory system, it can also affect your sexual organs, causing numbness or paralysis. Most of the time, this situation calls for emergency medical assistance. 

5. Searing or Burning Sensation

Most patients diagnosed with sciatica complain of searing sensation on the affected muscles and joints that the sciatic nerve innervates. The pain can scale from mild to severe depending on the degree of nerve damage or irritation. Over time, the pain can worsen, limiting your mobility and impacting various aspects of life. 


How To Get Rid of Sciatica With Natural Remedies

Most of the time, people diagnosed with sciatic nerve problems turn to medications to cope. Understandably, this is the fastest option for relief. Pain relievers like NSAIDs and muscle relaxants may come in handy in reducing the swelling and easing muscle pain caused by your condition. They make an excellent short-term solution to use, especially if you will only use them sparsely. 

However, if you want sustainable relief from your nerve pain, it may be a lot better to seek natural and holistic techniques. Some examples of methods you can use to cope with your sciatica symptoms include the following:

  • Applying ice to the sore areas 
  • Using heat to encourage faster healing 
  • Working on your posture, especially while sitting
  • Using a firm bed mattress when sleeping
  • Keeping yourself physically active by doing gentle stretches
  • Trying physical therapy or rehabilitation programs
  • Trying acupuncture therapy to relax tight muscles

how to get rid of sciatica

Upper Cervical Health for Sciatica Pain

Besides the home remedies and alternative medical approaches we listed above, you might also find relief after seeking upper cervical care. Countless patients who want to know how to get rid of sciatica have successfully reduced or eliminated their symptoms with the help of a neck chiropractor. Here are the two key reasons why this natural and holistic approach works:

A Focused Approach

A neck chiropractor concentrates on fixing the alignment of your C1 and C2 bones. These two neck bones sit under the head and supposedly protect your brainstem and support your skull. Unfortunately, sometimes, they might shift and cause a series of problems, including unleveled shoulders, misaligned hip bones, and a compressed sciatic nerve bundle. 

Gentle and Precise Adjustments

This approach works well for any age group because it involves very minimal force. Your upper cervical chiropractor provides gentle adjustments on several sessions to gradually restore the misaligned cervical bones. Over time, the pressure on the sciatic nerve eases, and other affected parts of the body, such as the hip bones, slowly go back to normal.


Start Your Healing Journey Today!

We recommend consulting with a neck chiropractor if you’re tired of getting plagued by sciatica pain and its varying symptoms, including bowel and bladder incontinence. Several case studies prove the strong potential of this natural approach to healing. Here are two examples you can check out:

  • A 77-year-old man with bilateral sciatica thought he could never enjoy life again. Thankfully, thanks to the help of chiropractic care, he has seen profound changes in his sciatica symptoms and began doing some of the activities he loved to do.
  • A 45-year-old lady received upper cervical subluxation to manage her chronic neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, and other painful conditions. She had a long history of physical trauma and car accidents. Her upper cervical chiropractic adjustments certainly made a huge difference in her life. 

Want to learn more about how to get rid of sciatica? Contact a nearby neck chiropractor so you can start relieving your excruciating and frustrating symptoms today!

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