Back Pain and Sleep Position Go Hand in Hand

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Back pain is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the world and is the leading cause of disability. 4 in 5 adults will have to deal with back pain at some point in life. Whether the pain comes on quickly due to an injury or gradually from wear and tear or lack of muscle strength, the result can be missed work and a trip to the doctor.

One time when back pain can be especially difficult to deal with is in the morning. This is because the position a person sleeps in can have a major effect on the bones, muscles, and tissue. After 7-8 hours in bed, this can lead to stiffness or even pain if one is not careful. Here are a few sleep suggestions.

The Right Sleep Position for Dealing with Back Pain

If you sleep on your stomach, this could actually be a big part of your pain. Stomach sleepers need to turn their head to the side, and that basically becomes the equivalent of looking over your shoulder all night. That neck position can cause bones, muscles, and tissue to shift position throughout the entire back. As a result, many stomach sleepers awaken to a sore back.

You may be able to train yourself to become a side sleeper by using a body pillow to prop yourself up. Keep another pillow between your knees so that you don’t twist forward or backward while asleep. Doing so could place pressure on the lower back and potentially even irritate the sciatic nerve.

Back sleepers are in the best position to get a good night’s rest and awaken pain-free. However, if you are having lower back problems, you may want to consider sleeping with a pillow under your knees. Elevating the knees slightly will remove pressure from your lower back.

Your Neck—Can It Be the Source?

As noted above, when the neck is out of position, the effects can travel down the entire spine. Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on correcting upper neck misalignments. Once these uppermost bones of the spine are back in the correct position, nerve and tissue damage can heal, and the rest of the spine can fall back into proper alignment.

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