Back Pain Relief for Gamers

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If you play video games professionally or as a hobby, one common ailment that may concern you is back pain. While there don’t seem to be any studies on the number of gamers with lower back problems, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out the number of chronic pain sufferers was higher than average. Posture plays a key role in pain and hours of sitting can lead to chronic problems. Here are a few tips to help you avoid back pain without giving up your career or favorite hobby.


3 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain

Here are three things you can do to help the pain instead of giving up gaming:

  1. Take breaks – You can't pause many online games. If you’re playing such a game, your best bet is to get up, stretch, and walk around a little between each match. Don't queue up again immediately. Just a few minutes of stretching in between each round can reduce pain and allow you to perform better.
  2. Maintain posture – The right desk setup can make a major difference. For example, monitors should always be at eye level. Anything lower results in a slight tilting of the head. Every degree the head is leaned forward increases the amount of strain on the spine from the head (which already weighs 10-12 pounds). Use a chair with lumbar support. If your feet can’t reach the ground, invest in a footstool. Don’t sit with your legs crossed.
  3. Get some exercise – The stereotypical gamer doesn’t get out much, but you can live the life you want and still avoid pain if you just add a little exercise into your schedule. Walking and swimming are two great ways to get exercise without adding any strain to the back, and these are activities that can often be performed on a daily basis in 15 to 30 minute sessions.

back pain relief infographic

What to Do if You Are Already in Pain

The suggestions above are important whether you are trying to prevent pain or deal with existing pain, but if your back is already starting to bother you on a regular basis, more may be required. An upper cervical misalignment may be present if you spend a lot of time sitting (or if you have ever suffered a head or neck injury). Such a misalignment can cause changes throughout the spine that result in a propensity toward lower back problems.

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on providing precise and gentle corrections to the C1 and C2. When these top bones of the spine are in place, the central nervous system can function optimally and the spine can support the head more efficiently. To learn more about the benefits of this specific type of chiropractic care, find a practitioner near you.


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