Back Pain – Is Mindfulness the Answer?

Is mindfulness can be considered as a migraine relief?Back pain is the most common cause of disability around the world. Medications rarely provide any kind of long-term benefit and surgeries can be dangerous and ineffective. As a result, many natural ways to cope with back pain are appearing. Mindfulness is one such method. Does it work? Is there a better natural option?

Does Mindfulness Help with Back Pain?

First of all, it is important to address what mindfulness is. It basically adds up to a combination of meditation (both while sitting and walking), yoga, and other spiritual traditions that spring from Buddhist teachings.

Researchers reviewed seven studies that comprised of nearly 900 people with chronic back pain. What did the research reveal? While some patients felt some reduction in pain on a short-term basis, mindfulness didn’t solve underlying back pain causes or provide long-term relief. It is believed that the short-term benefits are related to stress reduction since stress levels can affect how a person perceives pain.

A Better Source of Natural Back Pain Relief

While stress relief has many benefits, back pain is usually an issue with the spine and the surrounding soft tissue. What many people don’t know is that when the top bone of the spine, the atlas, is misaligned, changes take place all the way down the back. This can affect the balance of the shoulders and hips as well as put strain on soft tissue like muscles and ligaments. Where the greatest changes take place is where the pain is usually felt. As a result, the problem may be at the top of the spine but experienced lower in the back.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a very precise and gentle subspecialty of spine manipulation. No popping or twisting of the spine means that the adjustments last longer and give the spine time to heal. Some patients feel immediate benefits and others continue to see a reduction in back pain the longer the atlas stays balanced. If this natural option appeals to you, contact a nearby upper cervical chiropractor to schedule a consultation.

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