Can back pain shorten your lifespan?

Back pain is such a common problem in the world that it is the leading cause of disability and affects about 700 million people. Researchers in Australia recently took a close look at back pain because this problem afflicts 4 million in that nation alone, and results in over a billion dollars in treatment. But what researchers found is far more disconcerting.

Results of Australian Back Pain Research

The study compared the death rate of individuals over the age of 70 with spine (back and/or neck) pain and those without. They determined that each year a person had a 13% greater chance of dying if spinal pain was a problem.

This is a significant discovery since most people dismiss back pain as not being life-threatening. In fact, the attitude of most people is that pain is a normal part of aging, and a person just needs to learn to live with it and manage the pain.

This study shows that it is far more important than anyone realized to get to the bottom of back pain and correct it.

Back Pain and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Spinal pain in both the back and neck are often connected because these bones are all joined to each other. However, when a person’s pain is isolated in the mid or lower back, the neck being the source of the problem may be rejected. Upper cervical chiropractors, however, understand the reason neck pain may lead to back pain.

When the top bones of the spine, the Atlas and Axis, become misaligned, the entire spine shifts to compensate. Pain often occurs at the place the most significant changes have occurred. Therefore, the neck may be the location of the initial misalignment but not the part of the spine where the pain is focused.  

Upper cervical chiropractic helps back pain by correcting misalignments of the upper neck that can lead to lower back problems. Once the underlying problem is resolved, the rest of the spine can straighten out natural, thus relieving back pain. According to the study above, resolving back pain may be important for both quality of life and longevity.

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