Avoiding Opioids as Migraine Care

How to avoid opioids as a migraine treatment

Migraines are a painful condition, but the pain isn’t the only symptom. As a result, it doesn’t really make sense to treat migraines with opioid painkillers, and the medical community as a whole is trying to reduce the practice. However, some primary care physicians are finding reaching for the prescription pad a tough habit to break.

For example, one report states that hydromorphone is provided for about 1 in 4 people who go to the ER with a migraine. These powerful drugs come with the potential for serious side effects and the risk of addiction. For some, opioids have even served as gateway drugs to heroin use.

Is there a better way to find migraine relief than in simply trying to blast the pain away with medication?

A Natural Way to Cope with Migraines

Upper cervical chiropractors are providing an alternative solution that some have found quite intriguing. How does the neck relate to migraines?

Interestingly, neck pain is a common migraine symptom. Although neck misalignments don’t always cause neck pain, when the top two vertebrae of the spine are misaligned, they can prevent proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage, restrict blood flow to the brain, and even affect brainstem function. These are all factors in migraine occurrence.

Upper cervical chiropractic involves precise examinations that include diagnostic imaging. These allow the chiropractor to determine the exact location and degree of misalignment in the top two bones of the spine. Some at first think that the low force correction that is administered feels too gentle to do anything, but the proof is in the results. Many headache and migraine sufferers find that the severity and frequency of attacks are reduced. Some even see complete resolution of the condition.

While this isn’t a new form of chiropractic, many are just finding out about it for the first time. To learn more, contact an upper cervical practitioner in your area and schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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