Dr. Jeffrey Zehr is the founder and director of Zehr Chiropractic in Norton Shores, Michigan. He has been practicing upper cervical care in the area since 2002.

Dr. Zehr holds a masteral degree in Sports and Medicine. After completing his studies, he worked as an athletic trainer, then went to Palmer College to become a chiropractic doctor.

Over the years, he has helped more than 2000 patients in his practice. He believes that through chiropractic care, patients have a greater potential to heal and recover. By removing the interference in the spine, he believes that people can lead a happier and healthier life.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical, Atlas Orthogonal, Activator Technique

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What Are The Early Warning Signs Of PPPD?

It's not uncommon to feel a little dizzy from time to time. Maybe you stand up too quickly or have too many glasses of wine. But what if the dizziness doesn't go away? What if you feel like the room is spinning all the time? You may be experiencing issues in your vestibular system. Your body's vestibular system helps maintain your balance. This is the link between your brain and the inner ear. Sadly some people experience vestibular issues that can lead to balance disorders, vertigo, or persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD). This can be confusing at first, especially if you're [...]

A Quick Read on Case Studies Showing How Upper Cervical Care Helps Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that causes pain and discomfort through different symptoms, including widespread pain, extreme exhaustion, cognitive issues, and sleep issues. For a time, it was considered a mental disorder but is now classified as a rheumatic disease. With additional studies and research about fibromyalgia, findings point to no single reason causing this illness. It remains unclear why some people develop or experience fibromyalgia. But experts believe that several factors are involved in the onset of this disease. However, fibromyalgia patients can potentially be one step ahead of their flare-ups if they are aware of the possible triggers [...]

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Vertigo Insider: Here are Six Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom of an underlying condition. Once you trigger this symptom, you will likely lose some good minutes or hours of your precious day. Not just that, if it happens while you’re in the middle of something significant, or say you’re walking or driving, it can lead to an accident or severe repercussions.  It’s not uncommon for people to look for natural remedies for vertigo. After all, one or a combination of these natural ways may effectively manage vertigo and help you cope during an episode. Here are some natural relief options that may be useful in handling [...]

Fibro Fog and Other Life-Changing Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Patients consulting a fibromyalgia chiropractic doctor often share similar health complaints. One example of which is fibro fog or cognitive problems. According to reports, approximately 4 out of 5 people with fibromyalgia have impaired cognition. As a result, they experience significant disruptions in work and even relationship troubles. Do you happen to suffer from the same problem? Let’s help you become more familiar with brain fog plus other debilitating effects of fibromyalgia below.   What’s a Fibro Fog? When people hear about fibromyalgia, they automatically associate it with widespread body pain. However, most aren’t aware that it can cause “invisible [...]

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Are Dizziness And Nausea The Same?

Many people who are wondering how to stop dizziness naturally think that remedies for nausea will also work wonders for them. This is because the two symptoms appear to cause the same effects. However, if you look at them closely, you will realize that they are very different. Dizziness causes lightheadedness, while nausea can induce the feeling of vomiting. In some cases, only one of the symptoms arises. However, there are instances when the symptoms appear together and cause worse health impacts.  If you experience one or both symptoms, you need to familiarize yourself with the available relief options. This [...]

Digital Fibromyalgia Treatment – How It Works

Surely enough, technological innovations have paved the way for faster and better resolution of various medical concerns. A few notable examples include artificial intelligence for patient data management, telemedicine for remote doctor consultations, and wearable technology like FitBit. Just recently, technology has also presented a promising solution to patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  To those excited about this, we thought of providing you a quick background on how it works. This way, you can know if this is an option you should include in your fibromyalgia (FM) care plan, aside from fibromyalgia chiropractic.   Closing the Gap in Accessing Therapy Options [...]

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Tumarkin’s Otolithic Crisis (Drop Attacks) and Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease can affect people in various ways. Some report the usual signs, like vertigo attacks, tinnitus, and temporary hearing loss. Notably, some patients visiting a cervical chiropractor for Meniere’s relief experience Tumarkin’s otolithic crisis or a drop attack. It’s a rare symptom that affects a small fraction of patients diagnosed with Meniere’s.  If you think you have this specific symptom, our short discussion below might help you achieve long-term relief.     Meniere’s and Its Different Symptoms Due to the difficulty in diagnosing Meniere’s disease, most doctors rely on looking at the common symptoms. Here’s a closer look at the [...]

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Does Fibromyalgia Cause Burning Pain?

Regardless of where you are, relief from the effects of fibromyalgia is critical. Some are looking into upper cervical care, essential oils, and other natural healing options. Those diagnosed with this condition often complain of burning sensations near the joints, searing muscle pain, and severe headaches. The pain level this condition causes is different from all else, so getting a reprieve is paramount. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) describes fibromyalgia as a medical condition where a person feels widespread pain all over the body. Aside from this, it is also a pain enhancer, meaning that any discomfort or agony [...]

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What’s Meniere’s Disease? The Condition Jessie J Lives With

Pop star Jessie J has one thing to be thankful for this holiday season: she had survived a scary incident due to Meniere’s disease. On Christmas eve, she was hospitalized because of temporary hearing loss in her right ear and inability to walk properly. It turns out, as her doctor revealed, she has Meniere’s disease.  The disease can affect anyone, even the brightest stars we look up to. In fact, about 615,000 Americans have it. Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disease that brings about vertigo, hearing loss, and ear congestion.  Jessie J described the experience of her Meniere’s attack. [...]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): Why Some Are Always Tired

CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition well-known for causing extreme exhaustion that cannot be fully explained by any other medical condition. The fatigue can become worse when you undergo mental or physical activities. It usually does not get better no matter how much sleep or rest you acquire.  Other terms for chronic fatigue are SEID (systemic exertion intolerance disease) or ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). Also, it has an abbreviation of ME/CFS. Currently, no single exam can diagnose or confirm chronic fatigue syndrome. However, there are many medical tests that a doctor can order to make sure there is [...]

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