Dr. Casey Weerheim is the chief chiropractor at Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is a certified Blair Upper Cervical chiropractor who helps patients relieve problems like neck pain, muscle numbness, back pain, and vertigo. For his undergraduate degree, he went to Northwestern College to study Athletic Training, where he worked as an intern for a chiropractic doctor. His internship program piqued his interest, which led him to pursue chiropractic. The Northwest Iowa born and raised doctor received training from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he received certification to practice Blair Upper Cervical. Dr. Weeirheim wants to be a source of natural, safe, and effective patient care in Sioux Falls. He aims to change his patients' lives through his skills and the latest technology in upper cervical chiropractic care.

Technique/s: Deep Roots Chiropractic, Blair Upper Cervical Technique

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Answered! Your Top 3 Questions About Meniere’s Disease

Have you been entertaining a lot of questions regarding Meniere’s disease? Now is the chance to get some, if not all, of those answered. This article addresses what this disease is, Meniere’s symptoms, and treatment options. Question #1: What is this condition? Meniere’s disease is more than just your simple inner ear condition. It is a complicated situation that might be due to genetics or even by external factors like trauma.  Medical experts believe that this ailment happens due to fluid accrual in the inner ears' delicate labyrinths. These fluids are useful in creating sound waves, which then become electric [...]

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List of Natural Hacks to Manage Migraines

No thanks to hectic schedules and heavy workloads, migraines have become common in the population. Often, it causes severe disability, affecting a person’s productivity and concentration.  The intensity and frequency of each episode tend to differ from one person to another. Taking prescribed medication for migraines is usually the first course of action to cope with the pain. However, if you’re looking for sustainable migraine relief, our list, which includes going to a chiropractor for migraines and making a few lifestyle changes, may be of great help to you. Learn more about these in the discussion below.    Essential Hacks [...]

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Whiplash and Vertigo: Why They Can Go Hand in Hand

Some people have been in minor accidents that left them dazed, sore, and stiff from whiplash. A few weeks or months later, they dealt with a sudden loss of balance. Out of the blue, they begin to feel like the world wildly spin around them. Unknown to many, there is a connection between whiplash and vertigo. To better understand how these two conditions relate to each other, let’s first dissect each ailment.   What is Whiplash? Whiplash is a neck injury that results from a forceful front-to-back movement of the head and neck. It feels like having one’s neck pushed [...]

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Vertigo: 7 Triggers and 6 Conditions Associated With It

Vertigo is a type of dizziness that forces you to feel as if your surroundings or you are spinning out of control. Imagine yourself standing outdoors, relaxing, and looking at the beautiful sceneries around you, then suddenly, you feel like you are riding a merry-go-round.  It is how some people experience their vertigo episodes. Vertigo is frequently due to some other health problem. Some individuals go for many years without getting a proper diagnosis. This sensation can hit you without warning. It can linger for a few minutes or sometimes, even days. When vertigo happens, it is usually harmless. However, [...]

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How to Make Your Head Stop Hurting

Headaches are a widespread condition that people of all ages experience regularly. Several kinds of headaches exist, and tension headaches are the most common. Cluster headaches are excruciating and occur in groups or clusters. Migraines, on the other hand, are a moderate to severe kind of problem. It can range from merely uncomfortable to extremely unbearable. As a result, headaches and migraines can disrupt the quality of your daily life. It can affect your overall health and wellbeing in various ways. It can disrupt your work, family, social, and personal growth. What Causes Headaches and Migraines? Anything that increases your [...]

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Relieving Sciatica – What Are Your Care Options?

Sciatica features pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the lone biggest nerve in the body. It starts in the lumbar area (lower back) of the spine and moves through deep within the body. It comes out just below the buttocks and ends immediately above the posterior knee.  Sciatica is not a condition nor a diagnosis, but rather a symptom of a deeper problem. In short, something is affecting the sciatic nerve that irritates or compresses it, and the consequence is pain. Sciatica Symptoms Sciatica brings one or more of the following signs: Pain that worsens whenever [...]

Popular Home Remedies for Vertigo and How to Find Natural Help

The primary way to identify vertigo is by the false sensation of movement that it causes a person to perceive. You may feel like the room around you is tilting, swaying, or spinning. However, laying down and closing your eyes is not the solution because you will continue to feel like you are moving. This is not a visual problem, but something that occurs in the inner ear, vestibular nerve, or somewhere in the central nervous system (CNS) that produces the experience.   There are not a lot of medications for vertigo. Injectables and surgeries exist, but they often have complications [...]

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Rare Migraine Types and Their Symptoms

Migraines are neurological in nature and develop due to the increased brain excitability in some of its areas. The results are pounding or throbbing headaches. But in some cases, there is no head pain. Instead, just the presence of several migraine symptoms such as: Dizziness or vertigo Pain on one or both sides of the head An aura – a visual disturbance that serves as a warning before an attack happens Nausea and vomiting Blurry vision Sensitivity to certain smells, light, and sound The Migraine Research Foundation reported that about 39 million Americans suffer from migraines, including men (6%), children [...]

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5 Things that Make Adjusting to Fibromyalgia Easier

Adjusting to fibromyalgia is not easy. Besides the pain, fatigue, and stigma associated with this condition, there are many other symptoms and effects that make adjusting to fibromyalgia a significant life change. Here are five tips to help make the adjustment a little easier for you.  #1 Learn to Manage Your Stress  Once you have fibromyalgia under control, the symptoms should come and go. You will eventually learn your own triggers and avoid them more and more to increase the time between flare-ups. However, one trigger that almost all fibromyalgia patients have in common is stress. Stress is unavoidable in [...]

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What Is Vertigo? Uncovering the Myths

Balance Awareness Week is here, so it is time to tackle some important issues that relate to this topic. We’re going to start out by getting down to the basics. The first question we need to answer is, what is vertigo?  Once we have done that, we can discuss some of the misconceptions that people have regarding vertigo. This will allow us to dig deeper into what causes this condition and how to find natural help. Let’s get started!  What Is Vertigo?  Vertigo is a false sensation of movement. It can manifest as a spinning sensation, but that isn’t the [...]

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