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Vertigo After Scuba Diving: Things You Must Know to Cope

Have you ever felt dizzy or disoriented after scuba diving or snorkeling? Was there ever a time you lost your footing right after getting off the boat or walking back on the beach's sandy shores? Dealing with vertigo can be frustrating, making it challenging to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, especially during the […]

Sleeping Without a Pillow: Can It Alleviate Neck Pain?

Are you struggling to get enough sleep because of neck pain? Do you often wake up with stiff shoulders that prevent you from moving your head with ease? Have you been contemplating sleeping without pillows to eliminate neck pain potentially? If you’ve answered YES to at least one of these questions, then chances are you […]

Real-Life Migraine Success Story of an Athletic NUCCA Chiropractic Patient

Are you having constant migraine attacks that interfere with your active lifestyle? Do you often skip going on a quick run, basking under the sun with your family on weekends, and even cycling around the neighborhood in fear of an impending migraine attack?  Four years ago, Heidi, an Upper Cervical Chiropractic patient, was stuck in […]

Reasons Why Vertigo Persists in the Winter Season

Vertigo is more common in the winter because of the weather changes. Luckily there are vertigo remedies that you can turn to.

Tension Headache Relief Guide: Top 5 DIY Options

Learn of the best complementary upper cervical care that is safe to use together with your favorite DIY approaches against tension headaches.

Can Chiropractors Help with BPPV or Positional Vertigo?

How do neck adjustments that chiropractors administer provide significant relief to patients diagnosed with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)? Let's help you understand why one of the best natural remedies for vertigo—Upper Cervical Chiropractic—is gaining more fans for its potential to restore the body's equilibrium.   Understanding BPPV and Disrupted Equilibrium BPPV is a vestibular […]

Coffee Always Triggers Migraines and Other Migraine Myths

Migraine myths continue to spread like wildfire, no thanks to the internet. Sadly, they continue to misinform many patients, leaving them trapped in an endless and vicious cycle of pain. If this sounds exactly like your story, you might find our list of migraine myths helpful in seeking lasting relief. Learn more about popular myths […]

Sleepless Nights and Vertigo: What's The Connection?

Vertigo and sleep have a lot more in common than people realize. According to studies, getting ample restorative sleep plays a vital role in helping patients cope with spinning sensations. Sadly, even if this is a widely-known fact, many people still fail to tap into quality sleep as one of their natural remedies for vertigo. […]

Why Do Adults with Celiac Disease Have Worse Migraines?

Living with celiac disease comes with several challenges, ranging from unwanted bathroom trips to an increased risk for mortality. Some celiacs also encounter unexpected health concerns like worse and frequent migraine headaches. In fact, because of this, some celiacs frequently visit the practice of a local chiropractor for migraines. Are you among the thousands of […]

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