Dr. Amy Watterson is one of the owners and chiropractors at Mountain State Wellness in Morgantown, West Virginia. She is licensed to provide chiropractic care in this state.

She struggled with attention deficit disorder in the past and wanted to restore her health naturally. As a result, she found chiropractic care and regained control of her life.

With the NUCCA technique’s gentle approach, Dr. Watterson strives to achieve wellness, particularly in pregnant women and children. She is passionate about educating her community members to use natural health solutions in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She believes that a healthy life is possible through regular chiropractic care.

Technique/s: NUCCA Chiropractic

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Shocking Facts About Back Pain and One Simple Solution

Back pain is a common issue globally and is the number one underlying factor in disability. However, there may be some facts that you do not know about this very common condition. Here a few things that may come as a surprise. About half of women will experience back pain during pregnancy. 40% of people go to a primary care doctor first when experiencing back pain. 90% of people never discover the underlying cause of their pain. As much as 80% of people have their back pain recur in a two-year period. The US alone spends $50 billion per year [...]

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