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When to Worry About an Achy Neck

Did you know that your neck and upper cervical health has loads to do with the quality of your life? Learn more about it, plus the red flags to look out for.

6 Misleading Beliefs on Neck Pain Debunked

Neck pain is a common problem, but it's not always easy to diagnose. To make things worst, many misconceptions about neck pain and its causes prevent affected individuals from healing or coping better. In this blog post, we'll debunk some misleading beliefs and discuss what you can do if you have it or other upper […]

Why Concussion and Neck Pain Coexist

Concussion Defined One of the leading types of traumatic brain injury is a concussion; it is also often called a minor head trauma or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Basically, it is a head injury that temporarily affects brain function and may cause a person to feel dazed, confused, and even become unconscious soon after. […]

Avoid Summer Stiff Neck and Headache with NUCCA Chiropractic

Summer is here. When you think of summer, beaches, clear blue skies, and spending time with your family would quickly come to mind. Summer sounds fun and all, but summer activities wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you think when the heat strikes. Getting a stiff neck and headache due to the summer heat is not […]

Is Vertigo a Disease? Vertigo Questions Answered

The question, “Is vertigo a disease?”, might arise in some situations. Vertigo is one of the most common symptoms that urges people to visit their local emergency rooms. Vertigo, in simple terms, is the spinning, dizzying sensation a person might experience without even moving. People who experience vertigo say that their episodes can be mild […]

18 Signs You’re About to Experience Migraine Attacks

Each year, thousands of patients visit a chiropractor for migraines because of the extreme discomfort during each episode. Aside from the throbbing pain, some also have other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, making it extra challenging to work on even the smallest task. Does this sound similar to your experience? What if we tell […]

How to Make Positional Vertigo Vanish Naturally

A few weeks ago, NBA superstar Lebron James led the L.A. Lakers to win his 4th NBA Championship and 4th NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award. Despite these accomplishments and after having already achieved billionaire status with his career earnings, retirement still seems to remain in the distance for the 6-foot 9-inch basketball legend.  What […]

Vertigo: The Lasting Result of Misaligned Bones

Vertigo is a medical situation where you have the sensation that you or the things around you are spinning around. This condition regularly has a rotational factor to it. It could also feel like you are swaying or about to fall. Here is a list of various other symptoms that may accompany vertigo: A sensation […]

What Kind of Headache Do I Have?

Are you unsure about your headache, and have asked yourself this question at some point? You are not alone. According to the World Health Organization, about 50% of adults around the world have a headache disorder.  Headaches are a pain in any part of your head. The pain varies in location, intensity, and form. A […]

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