Dr. Amy Watterson is one of the owners and chiropractors at Mountain State Wellness in Morgantown, West Virginia. She is licensed to provide chiropractic care in this state.

She struggled with attention deficit disorder in the past and wanted to restore her health naturally. As a result, she found chiropractic care and regained control of her life.

With the NUCCA technique’s gentle approach, Dr. Watterson strives to achieve wellness, particularly in pregnant women and children. She is passionate about educating her community members to use natural health solutions in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She believes that a healthy life is possible through regular chiropractic care.

Technique/s: NUCCA Chiropractic

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Avoid Summer Stiff Neck and Headache with NUCCA Chiropractic

Summer is here. When you think of summer, beaches, clear blue skies, and spending time with your family would quickly come to mind. Summer sounds fun and all, but summer activities wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you think when the heat strikes. Getting a stiff neck and headache due to the summer heat is not surprising. You may find yourself struggling and unable to move due to the excess heat you experience in summer. NUCCA chiropractic can help you make the most out of your summer experience.  Chiropractors know that headaches can take the fun away from your day. So, [...]

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Is Vertigo a Disease? Vertigo Questions Answered

The question, “Is vertigo a disease?”, might arise in some situations. Vertigo is one of the most common symptoms that urges people to visit their local emergency rooms. Vertigo, in simple terms, is the spinning, dizzying sensation a person might experience without even moving. People who experience vertigo say that their episodes can be mild or so intense that the attacks can limit their ability to perform daily tasks.  Some injuries may cause vertigo. For example, a whiplash and vertigo might go hand-in-hand in some cases. While the main cause of vertigo is still unknown to scientists and physicians alike, [...]

18 Signs You’re About to Experience Migraine Attacks

Each year, thousands of patients visit a chiropractor for migraines because of the extreme discomfort during each episode. Aside from the throbbing pain, some also have other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, making it extra challenging to work on even the smallest task. Does this sound similar to your experience? What if we tell you that there are actually some symptoms that you could spot to prepare for a migraine attack? More importantly, there’s hope for your condition.  Let’s learn more about these two topics. First, let’s look into the key symptoms that occur before migraine episodes.  1. Throbbing [...]

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How to Make Positional Vertigo Vanish Naturally

A few weeks ago, NBA superstar Lebron James led the L.A. Lakers to win his 4th NBA Championship and 4th NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award. Despite these accomplishments and after having already achieved billionaire status with his career earnings, retirement still seems to remain in the distance for the 6-foot 9-inch basketball legend.  What makes it more impressive is that the star athlete achieved all this even while suffering from vertigo. What is Vertigo? In the simplest terms, the condition called vertigo refers to the false sensation of rotation. People who have this symptom report feeling out of balance, [...]

Vertigo: The Lasting Result of Misaligned Bones

Vertigo is a medical situation where you have the sensation that you or the things around you are spinning around. This condition regularly has a rotational factor to it. It could also feel like you are swaying or about to fall. Here is a list of various other symptoms that may accompany vertigo: A sensation of fullness in the ear A diminished level of consciousness Blurred vision Changes in thoughts Difficulty walking Nausea and vomiting Unsteadiness Tinnitus - a ringing noise in your ear Loss of Hearing Sweating Trouble speaking Motion sickness The symptoms of vertigo may be episodic or [...]

What Kind of Headache Do I Have?

Are you unsure about your headache, and have asked yourself this question at some point? You are not alone. According to the World Health Organization, about 50% of adults around the world have a headache disorder.  Headaches are a pain in any part of your head. The pain varies in location, intensity, and form. A headache may: Be isolated to one location Occur on one or both sides of the head Have a squeezing or viselike quality Appear as a dull ache, a sharp pain, or a throbbing sensation Radiate from one point on the head Headaches may come out [...]

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Reasons You May Experience Vertigo After a Workout

Exercise is often the solution to many health problems. However, what if a brisk run, a morning at the gym, or some other vigorous activity seems to bring on a case of vertigo? We’re going to look at some of the triggers that may end up exacerbated if you exercise without proper caution.  Remember always to discuss your exercise routine with a physician to make sure you are not doing something beyond your ability, but don’t stop working out because exercise is essential to your overall health. We will also consider a natural way to get help for your vertigo. [...]

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The 6 Most Debilitating Migraine Symptoms

Most of the time when migraine symptoms are topic in a discussion, they are listed in order by how common they are. What we are going to look at today are some of the most debilitating migraine symptoms. While the order is subjective, you will no doubt agree that migraines are more than just an ordinary headache. We also want to provide our readers with hope that migraines don’t have to lead to disability or lifelong medication use, so we will also discuss a way of finding natural relief from migraine symptoms. #1 A Throbbing Headache This is by far [...]

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Risk of Migraines Increased Whether Under or Overweight

Migraines are something that one wants to avoid if at all possible. Known for intense, throbbing head pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensory sensitivity, they can really sap a person’s energy and limit daily activities. A recent study has revealed a link between migraines and those who are either overweight or underweight. What Do Migraines Have to Do with a Healthy Body Weight? The study was based on a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher for obesity and 18.5 or less for those who are underweight. Neurology published the findings of the study on  April 12, 2017. Researchers looked [...]

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Shocking Facts About Back Pain and One Simple Solution

Back pain is a common issue globally and is the number one underlying factor in disability. However, there may be some facts that you do not know about this very common condition. Here a few things that may come as a surprise. About half of women will experience back pain during pregnancy. 40% of people go to a primary care doctor first when experiencing back pain. 90% of people never discover the underlying cause of their pain. As much as 80% of people have their back pain recur in a two-year period. The US alone spends $50 billion per year [...]

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