Answering 9 Fibromyalgia FAQs and Finding the Best Remedy

Fibromyalgia is a puzzling condition sparking many questions and mixed information surrounding this illness. It’s terrible that some people who don’t experience this tend to downplay this condition, and some even say it’s not a real thing but an imaginary illness. That is a myth. Fibromyalgia is a chronic, long-term illness that causes widespread pain all over the body. Different fibromyalgia triggers can vary from person to person, and we all have to bear in mind that the pain and discomfort it brings are in no way imaginary. To help you further understand this condition and shed light on some [...]

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15 Rarely Discussed Facts About Migraines

Migraine attacks are undoubtedly one of the most prevalent health complaints in the U.S. However, many people are utterly clueless about several migraine facts. For example, not many patients know about silent migraine or its symptoms. Are you among these individuals? If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, you likely have difficulty coping during a migraine episode.  Let’s help you turn things around by giving you a list of 15 rarely discussed facts about migraines. Hopefully, with additional insights on migraine attacks, you can lessen the impact of your episodes on your overall wellbeing.     #1 - Migraines can [...]

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