Dr. Vivek Soham is the CEO and President of Nimbus Brain & Spine, an Upper Cervical practice in San Diego, California. He has always displayed a passion for sports, being a sportsman himself, no wonder he is one of the very few chiropractors helping grow the Upper Cervical Sports Community. He has a passion for providing resolutions and protocols in the sports performance industry. He earned a Master’s degree in Neurophysiology and a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences. Through NUCCA Chiropractic, he fulfills his goal to serve mankind better.

Technique/s: NUCCA

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7 Tips to Make a Safe Workspace for Your Employees with Migraine

Do you have employees who complain about migraine? Unfortunately, it's not just in their heads; it's actually one of the most common health conditions in the world. According to the American Migraine Foundation, over 113 million workdays are lost due to migraine every year. That's a lot of workdays that can cause delays and interfere with the smooth flow of business. It can even cause burnout to other employees who cover for their peers who had to skip work due to migraine. A chiropractor for migraines often hears their patients' complaints of mild to severe headaches, sensitivity to lights, sounds, [...]

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