Dr. Kurt Sherwood is the owner and founder of Restoration Spinal Care in Renton, Washington. He is a board-certified NUCCA doctor and a member of various organizations such as the Washington State Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Association.

He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic back in 1989, and has been helping patients from around Renton ever since. Besides providing chiropractic care, he also teaches the NUCCA technique and volunteers towards publishing projects with the Upper Cervical Research Foundation.

Hailing from a well-known family of chiropractic professionals in Seattle, Dr. Sherwood has the passion and dedication to change the lives of many people suffering from pain.

Technique/s: NUCCA, Upper Cervical

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Cawthorne Head Exercises: Can They Help Curb Vertigo Episodes?

Did you recently find out that you have an atlas subluxation (posture imbalances along the topmost part of the neck)? Chances are that just like most patients diagnosed with this posture problem, you also experience recurring vertigo episodes. And you may be on a crusade to find a suitable source of relief like Upper Cervical Chiropractic or maybe Cawthorne head exercises.  So, how much have you researched about these two remedies? Do you know enough to decide whether to use them to manage your vertigo episodes? If not, then our guide is perfect for you. Read on to learn everything [...]

Is Your Migraine Connected to Your Neck and Shoulder Pains?

For some people, headaches are a normal part of life. For others, they are an occasional occurrence that is not a cause for concern. But if you have frequent headaches accompanied by neck or shoulder pain, it could be time to have a professional check your upper cervical spine’s health. Let’s discuss how those seemingly innocent and totally detached pains are some of the main triggers of your migraine attacks.   Identifying Your Pains: Migraine, Neck, and Shoulder Neck pain, shoulder pain, and migraine headaches can all be caused by muscle strain or arthritis. Muscle strain results from overusing the [...]

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Vestibular Schwannoma and Vertigo: 5 FAQs Answered

Peripheral vertigo is a reasonably common issue that affects Americans. And chances are, you have experienced it at one point in your life. For example, if you happen to experience spinning sensations accompanied by impaired hearing or difficulty focusing your vision, you likely have this type of vertigo. And, if you have peripheral vertigo, you should consider getting diagnosed with some common causes, such as vestibular schwannoma.  Have you ever heard of vestibular schwannoma before? If not, then we might be able to help you understand it better with the help of our FAQs  #1. What is Vertigo and Vestibular [...]

Your Teeth Grinding Might Be the Reason for Your Migraines

Teeth grinding or bruxism and migraines might be an unlikely combo. After all, how can a behavioral problem lead to a complex neurological condition? As it turns out, teeth grinding can trigger migraine attacks and headaches. Many patients who seek a chiropractor for migraines have reported bruxism as their episode’s key trigger. But how does it all happen? How can teeth grinding trigger a crippling migraine episode? Learn about their connection and how you can manage both health complaints with C1 and C2 bone adjustments.   Jaw Clenching and Headaches One out of three people in the US suffers from [...]

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Read Some FAQs on Peripheral Vertigo

To help patients and anyone on the Internet understand peripheral vertigo, we answered some frequently asked questions about it. This comprehensive source of information shares what causes peripheral vertigo and the natural remedy that can help alleviate this type of vertigo.   What is Peripheral Vertigo? Peripheral vertigo is a vertigo type that affects the inner ear. The inner ear structures make up the vestibular system, which controls the body’s balance and spatial orientation. Considered the most common type of vertigo, peripheral vertigo accounts for 80% of vertigo cases.   Is BPPV Peripheral Vertigo?  Yes, it is. Benign paroxysmal positional [...]

Migraine Cocktails: What They Are and How They Work

When migraine is a normal part of your life, learning a thing or two about how to cope during an episode can be very helpful. For starters, you might find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with migraine cocktails. Many patients turn to migraine cocktails to relieve their symptoms. After all, it can come in handy for both regular or silent migraine attacks.  If you’re not sure how this option works or what alternatives you can use if you want an all-natural approach, our discussion below might be helpful.    What are Migraine Cocktails? When you hear about cocktails, you most [...]

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You’re Not Alone, Even Pro Athletes Experience Vertigo

Hayley Hodson was a budding professional athlete who got recruited by Stanford. She was also an Olympic hopeful, eyeing a gold medal for her chosen sport – volleyball. But, sadly, the star athlete had to put her dreams aside after experiencing post-concussion syndrome symptoms such as chronic vertigo attacks.  Another athlete, Jason Day, collapsed during the US Open in 2015 due to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. While the Australian golfer was able to continue playing, his symptoms affected his overall performance.  Like every patient experiencing spinning sensations, both Hayley Hodson and Jason Day looked for vertigo remedies to help them [...]

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Can Sunglasses Help with Migraines?

The simple answer to the question “Can sunglasses help with migraines?” is yes. One of the factors that may trigger migraines is light. Changes in light levels, bright lights, and sunlight can all contribute to the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.  Apart from changes in light levels, one of the common causes for migraine is a misalignment in the atlas neck vertebra or the top-most vertebra of the spine. The atlas is the most vulnerable part of the spine located at the bottom of the head and upper neck. A misaligned atlas can cause tension in the neck and, [...]

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What is Vestibular Neuritis? About the Vertigo Disorder

Vertigo can cause an array of problems ranging from difficulty sleeping at night to losing the ability to perform even the simplest tasks. An episode starts without warning most of the time, causing severe disorientation, especially if you’re attending to chores. Typically, it would seem like everything around you is moving during a vertigo episode. Even when you’re standing or sitting still, your brain perceives false motion, making you feel disoriented and dizzy. It mostly occurs as a symptom of another health condition, such as vestibular neuritis.    What is Vestibular Neuritis? This health problem can cause vertigo and loss [...]

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What Does a Vestibular Migraine Feel Like?

Migraine is one of the most crippling chronic conditions for a reason. They bring about harsh headaches and neurological symptoms that can be unbearable to migraineurs. However, the experience can get even worse if you have vestibular migraines.  To give you a clue what a vestibular migraine feels like, imagine dealing with a bout of migraine while having a vertigo attack at the same time. You definitely wouldn’t wish vestibular migraines on anyone.   Symptoms of Classic Migraines Also known as “sick headaches,” classic migraines can cause these symptoms: Unilateral head pain (but not always)  Pounding or throbbing headache  Severe [...]

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