Author: Dr. Sheppard

Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia: Do They Share Similar Symptoms?

Many patients confuse fibromyalgia for polymyalgia and vice versa. And while this seems like a simple problem, it can easily create complications because people can end up trying the wrong remedies. Some might even have a hard time managing their polymyalgia or fibromyalgia triggers and preventing flare-ups. Because of this, we decided to share a […]

How to Tell if Your Back Pain Stems from Arthritis

Waking up to excruciating upper and middle back pain is a nightmare for anyone who needs to head out for work or do labor-intensive chores. But, unfortunately, this is not uncommon for many Americans these days. Some back pain cases happen because of the constant wear and tear of the body, while others develop due […]

Semont Maneuver for Vertigo: Does It Work?

Getting diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Imagine dealing with spinning sensations every time you make sudden changes to your head’s position or angle. It’s horrible, disorienting, and sometimes dangerous. This is why many patients go to great lengths to find a vertigo relief option that works.  For example, some […]

Worse TMJ Flare-ups Reported During the Global Health Crisis

Did you know that more patients have got in touch with doctors, upper cervical chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals for TMJ and ear pain during the pandemic? But how are these two things related? How can the pandemic cause pain and discomfort to non-infected individuals? More importantly, what remedies can people use, and how helpful […]

Is My Busy Job the Reason Behind My Neck Pain?

Working for more than eight hours a day has become the new normal for many employees in the country. Statistics say that 85.8 percent of men and 65.5 percent of women in America spend more than 40 hours per week on their work tasks. Sadly, health experts strongly associate these alarming statistics with the growing […]

5 Signs A Headache Needs Immediate Attention

When you think of headaches and migraines, you rarely associate them with something serious. That’s because, more often than not, the throbbing, pulsating, or aching pain disappears after a couple or several hours. Unknown to many, sometimes a headache, migraine and stiff neck spell disaster for some people. That’s because such symptoms can be a […]

IBS and Other Conditions Linked to Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia can come with a lot of challenges. That’s because aside from painful muscles and increased sensitivity to touch, most people with this pain disorder also report many other symptoms. Many of the patients who seek the assistance of an upper cervical chiropractor for fibromyalgia relief also have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety […]

Can Carrying A Heavy Backpack Cause Lower Back Pain?

Backpacks are the best option if you have many things to carry with you, such as your phone, wallet, extra pair of clothes, toiletries, and other personal effects. It also works quite well, regardless of the age group you belong to. But what happens if it gets too heavy? Can it trigger or aggravate a […]

Mal de Debarquement and Other Vertigo-Causing Diseases

Ever wondered what causes problems like central vertigo and peripheral vertigo? Around 40 percent of the entire adult population in the USA experiences vertigo episodes at one point in time. So, chances are, you’re one of the millions of folks who want to know more about vertigo and its potential causes.  There’s a long list […]

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