Dr. Scott Baker is a Blair Chiropractic Doctor and the founder and owner of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Spartanburg in Boiler Springs, South Carolina. He provides helpful neck bone adjustments to help patients complaining about symptoms like low back pain, neck pain, migraine, and vertigo. In addition, his holistic approach to restoring balance in their cervical spine has helped several patients activate their body’s innate ability to heal and recover from certain conditions and traumatic injuries. With his Doctor of Chiropractic training from Sherman College of Chiropractic and his Blair Upper Cervical Technique certification, you can count on Dr. Baker to provide you with top-notch patient care.

Technique/s: Blair Upper Cervical

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Why Does Running Cause Lower Back Pain?

Running is an enjoyable activity that can bring lots of benefits to your overall health. It's a simple cardiovascular exercise that helps improve your lunch capacity and allows oxygen to circulate better in your body. However, it can also bring disadvantages to your body, eventually triggering pain and discomfort. An upper cervical chiropractor is no stranger to runners complaining about pain. At some point, runners may experience issues, including low back pain, whether they run for leisure or athletic purposes. But why is this the case? Sometimes running is not the direct reason why pain exists. Usually, an existing condition [...]

Got Migraine Hangovers? Here are The Top 5 Remedies

The pain and discomfort from migraine hangovers can be pretty debilitating. Fortunately, you have several options for relief. And we have gathered all the best remedies and techniques you can try in our discussion below. Read on to find a suitable choice for you, including upper cervical chiropractic care.   What Are Migraine Hangovers? Migraine hangovers are the same as migraines, but they can be more painful and annoying. Worse, they can be very uncomfortable and last for hours, days, or even weeks.  Essentially, migraine hangovers are also referred to as rebound headaches because they tend to come after a [...]

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