Dr. Phillip Schalow is one of the lead chiropractors at Upper Cervical Care Center – Rockford in Rockford, Illinois. He is a licensed chiropractor known in Rockford for his precise and non-invasive techniques.

He attended various schools over the years to learn his craft. He went to Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Then, he attended Wielopolska Training School and Constructive Teaching Centre to master the Alexander Technique.

Before he became a chiropractic professional, Dr. Schalow pursued music as a violinist. However, after suffering from tendonitis, he briefly stopped playing. Only after receiving chiropractic care did his left hand heal completely. Through this experience, he became interested in chiropractic.

Technique/s: Alexander Technique, NUCCA

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Does Meniere’s Disease Last Forever?

After getting diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, you likely spent several few weeks looking through resources after resources. You hope to shed light on your condition and understand how it will impact your life. But even after scanning through different documents and patient guides, many questions remain unanswered.  Can Meniere’s disease go away? Is it something you can manage with medications alone? What are your options for relief?  The truth is, thousands of patients diagnosed with this vestibular disease share similar concerns with you. After all, Meniere’s continues to be a poorly misunderstood health problem. Studies are still trying to figure [...]

Can Mint Help Curb Migraine and Neck Pain?

When migraine and neck pain become a regular part of your life, finding a remedy like NUCCA chiropractic is the first thing you do. In your search for the ultimate relief options, you may have been told by some people to use mint to alleviate your nasty headaches and painful neck. So, what’s the basis of this claim? Can it indeed put an end to your headaches and neck pain? Let’s find out the truth in our discussion on mint, migraine episodes, and upper cervical spine pain below.    Mint – One of Most Potent Ingredients in Natural Medicine Thanks [...]

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Is Head Massage Good For Vertigo?

Vertigo is a highly debilitating symptom that can affect various age groups. Fortunately, nowadays, patients can tap into various remedies for vertigo attacks. If you are actively looking for alternative ways to cope with your spinning symptoms, you might also be wondering if getting a head massage can help. Will it be enough to curb your attacks, or should you opt for a chiropractic atlas adjustment? Learn more about head massages and other vertigo relief options below.    Introduction to Vertigo  Most of the time, the key to finding an effective vertigo relief option lies in identifying what triggered the [...]

Don’t Let Migraines Take Over Your Life

Migraines. This single word can trigger a headache by itself. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of the world’s population has had a headache. Staggering, right? Despite this fact, upper cervical chiropractors regularly meet with people perplexed by their migraines. A variety of reasons can cause headaches like an injury to the head area or even stress. A headache can also point to a medical condition like migraines.   What is a Migraine? Have you ever experienced intense, throbbing pain that stopped you in your tracks? If yes, then that’s how a migraine feels. The discomfort can be [...]

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What Fruits Help with Vertigo?

Vertigo is a symptom of a vestibular disorder or other medical diseases. One thing that plays a part in vertigo is nutrient deficiency. If your body lacks certain nutrients, you may have a weak immune system, making you more vulnerable to ear infections and vestibular conditions.  Thanks to veggies and fruits, the body can get an ample amount of nutrients it needs. When you eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, you will likely gain the essential vitamins and minerals that can help you stay balanced and vertigo-free.   So, what fruits help with vertigo? Without further ado, here [...]

What’s Causing Your Headache Behind the Eyes?

When an individual experiences a headache behind the eyes, relief is what he or she wishes for. If this happens to you or someone you love, the initial thing you may do is to know why. What is causing the pain behind the eyes? Is there something you can do to make it better? Do eye problems cause it?  The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that pain behind the eye is physical discomfort caused by an eye disease or other conditions. However, where you feel the pain is not automatically an indicator of what is causing the pain. More than [...]

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Vertigo: Is It a Brain or Spine Issue?

Vertigo is the feeling of false movement. People who suffer from vertigo attacks feel like they are moving around or that their surroundings are spinning around them. However, not everybody who experiences a dizzy spell has a vertigo attack. Also, other symptoms go with a vertigo episode. They are the following: Changes in hearing Loss of balance Nausea  Spatial disorientation Vision problems Vomiting Vertigo can be an incapacitating experience. People with this condition complain about a regular disruption in their daily activities. Moreover, vertigo episodes can often be a hindrance in your ability to drive a car, care for your [...]

6 Things That Can Be Sparking Your Migraine Attacks

Migraine is one of the most weakening conditions that someone could ever have. No wonder a lot of people ask for the help of a chiropractor for migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 39 million Americans, and more than a billion people globally are coping with migraines.  If you belong to the million folks suffering from it, there are likely foods, things, and circumstances that trigger or worsen your attacks. Whether you experience frequent or only occasional episodes, you must always know the leading cause of them. What could be sparking your episodes? Check out the list of things [...]

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Common Vertigo Causes and How to Get Natural Relief

Vertigo is one of the most common symptoms that a person can experience because it is related to so many different underlying causes. It can stem from a problem in the ears or even a condition that affects the central nervous system. Today, we are going to take a closer look at just a few of those many causes. Then we will consider a natural therapy that has helped hundreds of patients to overcome vertigo in case studies.  Positional Vertigo – The Number One Cause  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the number one cause of this symptom. In short, [...]

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Top Tips for Getting Rid of Stubborn TMJ Pain

If you are dealing with TMJ pain that just won’t seem to go away, you are far from alone. According to some estimates, as many as 10 million people in the US are struggling with a jaw issue. Is there anything you can do at home without having to go to the doctor? If you need more help, is there a natural solution? Here are some tips to help you break free from jaw pain.  Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid of TMJ Pain  Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get help for TMJ [...]

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