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How Do Hormones Affect Vestibular Conditions?

Have you been experiencing constant bouts of vertigo attacks since taking hormone pills or estrogen-based birth control pills? Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances and have recently been experiencing spinning sensations? Have you reached the menopausal stage and have increased risks for BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)? Many women seeking vertigo relief can empathize with […]

Be One Step Ahead: Know Your Migraine Triggers

Living with migraines can be difficult. Not only are they incredibly debilitating, but they can also be unpredictable. For those who suffer from migraines, it can feel like you're constantly one step behind the pain. But, when you think you have them under control, a migraine attack can seemingly come out of nowhere and ruin […]

Are Dizziness and Vertigo Symptoms of Menopause?

Many menopausal Americans struggle with dizzying spells and spinning sensations. And sadly, most of them are unsure why they experience discomfort. Some go to their doctors for help, while others consult with Upper Cervical Chiropractic physicians. Find out why you experience these symptoms and what you can do to feel better.    Vertigo, Dizziness, and […]

6 Actionable Steps for People with Frequent Migraines

Is migraine a constant part of your life? Has it completely taken over your routine, such as going to work or attending Sunday BBQs? If you answer yes to both questions, you will benefit from our discussion below. Read on to learn six actionable steps that migraineurs need to make. Also, check out our brief […]

8 Causes of Dizziness and Vomiting

Vomiting and dizziness are common symptoms that affect thousands of Americans. On top of that, both health complaints accompany a long list of diseases and disorders. For this reason, tracing the root cause and finding suitable remedies for dizziness and vomiting are equally challenging. We decided to create a list of conditions associated with the […]

Abdominal Migraine in Kids: How You Can Help with the Pain

Have you ever heard of abdominal migraine? Studies explain that it’s a common problem among young kids. Every chiropractor for migraines is no stranger to it. It causes significant discomfort triggered by several factors, including stress, dehydration, hunger, sensory overload, poor sleep quality, and consumption of food products that causes allergic reactions.  Notably, these triggers […]

Is There an Effective Remedy for Dizziness and Vertigo?

Dizziness and vertigo are by far among the top complaints of patients around the country. That’s because they are a symptom of several health problems like hypertension, stroke, Meniere’s, and BPPV. While both don’t require emergency care, they can cause disruptions in your everyday activities.  Finding effective remedies for dizziness or vertigo, such as aromatherapy, […]

How Do Migraine and Headache Medications Work?

Experiencing migraines in the middle of a busy workday can be quite a taxing experience. It gets worse when a migraine, neck pain, and headache happens all at once. Naturally, you’ll reach for a bottle of your go-to NSAIDs or prescription pain medication. You take one pill and wait for the magic to happen. A […]

How to Start Your Journey to Relieving Vertigo

As a full-grown adult with lots of responsibilities and tasks on hand, experiencing a spinning sensation (vertigo attacks) could leave you disoriented and distraught. It even gets worst if you have to deal with such a condition regularly. Thankfully, with modern innovations in holistic medicine, it’s now possible to lessen the severity of various debilitating […]

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