Author: Dr. Rickards

Important Tips for Living with Vertigo (and Conquering It)

Restrictive diets, medications that are riddled with side effects, and invasive surgeries with dangerous consequences. Are these the vertigo treatments being suggested by your doctor? If you are ready to get vertigo under control without all the risks, this article is for you. We’re going to consider some natural ways to conquer vertigo, concluding with […]

What Is TMJ Dysfunction (TMD)? And the Natural Ways to Find Relief

TMJ dysfunction, commonly abbreviated as TMD, is an extremely common health problem that is characterized by pain in the jaw and a number of accompanying symptoms. Many people simply say TMJ when referring to jaw pain. This is a misnomer because TMJ means temporomandibular joint. In other words, TMJ is the name of the joint […]

Why Pain Killers Aren’t the Solution to Neck Pain (and what to do instead)

This isn’t going to be just another blog bashing the overuse of pain medication in America. Sure, painkillers are not the ultimate solution to neck pain. At the same time, an occasional anti-inflammatory can help you get through the day or get a good night’s sleep. Today’s focus is going to be on long-term solutions […]

Don’t Let These 6 Common Headache Triggers Get You Down

If you could know how to avoid getting a headache, no doubt you would do everything in your power to keep them away. We’re going to take a closer look at six common headache triggers, so you can see which ones may be affecting you. This is one way to reduce the frequency of your […]

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