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What to Do When You Often Have an Achy Neck After Yoga

Do you love yoga? Do you feel a sense of calm and peace when you step onto your mat? Does yoga provide you with a safe place where you can let go of the day's stresses and breathe? Regardless of your level of expertise, constant practice of yoga can be transformative. It can also provide […]

Are Watery Eyes a Symptom of Migraine?

Have you ever had watery eyes followed by a splitting headache? Do you find yourself reaching for tissues more frequently during your migraine attacks? Are you puzzled if these watery eyes have any connection with your migraine? As it turns out, migraines affect much more than your head.  Every chiropractor for migraines has encountered several […]

Is Fibromyalgia Making You Irritable or Angry?

Is it true that fibromyalgia attacks can make one irritable or angry? Read on to learn tips on coping with fibromyalgia from our fibromyalgia chiropractic doctor.

Coping with Back Pain by Debunking Misleading Myths

Upper cervical care helps release tension in the muscles, nerves, joints, and ligaments surrounding the spine while restoring balance and proper alignment.

Biofeedback Headphones and Other Methods for Vertigo Relief

Millions of Americans get affected by vertigo. It brings a false sensation that the world is spinning around you, even when you're not moving, lying down, or sitting still. Apart from the dizzy spells and spinning sensations, you may experience nausea, vomiting, and trouble walking or keeping your balance.  The duration of vertigo episodes varies, […]

What To Do When Your Child Has TMJ Pain?

Watching a kid struggle with TMJ pain can be a horrible experience, especially if you're a parent. That's why it's essential it is to find a solution that works well and can help provide lasting relief to the young patient. Let's help you understand how your child can potentially enjoy significant TMJ pain relief in […]

What to Do When You Have Neck Pain After Working Out

Exercising is a natural way to keep your body pain-free and healthy. That’s why many healthcare professionals strongly recommend adding a regular workout routine to one’s weekly schedule. However, when you over-exert yourself or perform the exercises the wrong way, you risk developing problems like stress neck pain. Thankfully, there are many ways to combat […]

Major Factors that Trigger Headaches and Migraines

Migraine is one of the most widespread medical conditions in the United States. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from headaches, which include migraine and tension-type headaches. Migraine headaches can be painful, disabling, and even debilitating. Before we jump to migraine remedies, let’s first understand the major contributing factors influencing a person’s risk of getting […]

Environmental Sensitivity and Other Signs of Fibromyalgia

Feeling tired all day, even after getting enough shut-eye, isn't the only indicator of fibromyalgia (FM). In fact, healthcare professionals like rheumatologists and fibromyalgia chiropractic doctors notice several recurring indications such as environmental sensitivity. Let's help you get acquainted with these critical signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia so you can cope better.  #1. Environmental sensitivity […]

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