Author: Dr. Pritchett, D.C.

Is There Any Way to Predict (and Prevent) Your Next Headache?

If you suffer from a chronic headache condition, then you would probably find it beneficial to know when the next episode was going to strike. That could help you to plan your work and social calendars with minimal interference. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way most headache conditions operate. The next attack probably seems to come […]

9 Vertigo Disease Myths Debunked

Vertigo disease is a term that distinguishes this common symptom of many conditions. It is a very common problem, especially for people over the age of 40. In fact, about 40% of people will deal with vertigo at some point. Let’s look at 9 common misconceptions regarding vertigo. We will conclude by providing hope for […]

Migraines: What Not to Say and Do If Your Friend is Suffering

Almost everyone knows someone who is suffering from migraines. Or you may be a patient yourself. Migraines are a debilitating neurological condition that affects as many as 39 million people in the United States and nearly 1 billion individuals worldwide. Women get them 3 times more often than men. Even children, as young as 18 […]

The Four Primary Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

Meniere’s disease is a rare vestibular condition that affects over 600,000 people in the US alone. With tens of thousands being diagnosed each year, more people are becoming familiar with this debilitating syndrome. However, Meniere’s disease remains misunderstood by some. With that in mind, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the four primary […]

The Top 9 Migraine Symptoms – How #4 Is Bringing Hope to Sufferers

Migraines are a debilitating neurological condition that affects 12% of people. That equates to 1 in every 4 households in the US having a migraine sufferer. It is important to learn everything you can about your condition so that you seek out the right kind of care. Let’s start by discussing the 9 most common […]

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