Dr. Max Pohl is a NUCCA doctor who practices at Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, CO. He trained at the Palmer College of Chiropractic after being inspired by his experience with holistic healing. As a person who loves strength training, extreme sports, and wrestling, he experienced intense back pain in the past. Thankfully, his symptom gradually faded after seeking Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Since completing his Chiropractic doctorate, he has committed to helping patients live healthy and spreading awareness on the benefits of Upper Cervical Care. He currently focuses on providing NUCCA adjustments, a specially designed technique of Chiropractic care that has helped his patients experience massive improvements in their symptoms and overall condition.

Technique/s: NUCCA, Upper Cervical Chiropractic

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Neck Pain: The Bane of an Office Worker’s Life

Anyone can experience neck pain at some point. It can result from falling asleep on the wrong side or holding an uncomfortable position for too long. But there's a high chance for office or desk workers to develop debilitating neck pain issues. Some resolve with modifications in the workplace, while others require more intensive care. Others find long-term relief through upper cervical care. You may be wondering why office workers are at high risk. Nowadays, most office workers use a computer while working. There are an estimated 40 hours spent staring at a desk computer. Sitting eight hours a day [...]

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Are You At Risk For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), also called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), is a long-term condition that affects many body systems and manifests through many symptoms. If you're suffering from CFS, you are familiar with that extreme fatigue that can last for at least six months. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to diagnose CFS as no single test is available to confirm its diagnosis. Patients usually undergo tests to rule out other possible health problems that mimic CFS symptoms. There is no known cure or approved treatment for myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome. But patients usually find relief in managing their [...]

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A Veteran’s Guide To Coping with Meniere’s Disease

Veterans deal with a plethora of health concerns. Besides hearing problems and tinnitus, many veteran soldiers struggle with Meniere's disease, a condition that can trigger spontaneous spinning sensations. Studies note that veterans usually develop Meniere's due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds during service. This leads to significant internal damage that may impair fluid drainage inside the ears. Thankfully, affected individuals have several options for relief, including scheduling regular visits to a cervical chiropractor.  If you have been living with Meniere's, you might find it helpful to look into our guide. We have covered various things, including how Meniere's develops [...]

A Migraineur’s Travel Checklist: Things to Remember

With travel restrictions finally easing up, more and more people have started to indulge in their wanderlust. Some have scheduled road trips with their family, while others who frequently worry about migraines have created checklists to help them avoid severe episodes during their travel. If you are among the thousands of patients seeking a doctor, head specialist, or chiropractor for migraines, you may want to go over our travel checklist below.  Hopefully, our tidbits of information can help you steer clear of debilitating episodes and maximize every minute of your much-awaited getaway. ✔ Check the local weather bulletin Besides helping [...]

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