Author: Dr. Perkins

Navigating Life with Post-Concussion Vertigo

Have you ever had a concussion that you didn’t bother to get checked because it wasn’t anything major? Then fast forward a few months later, and you’re suddenly feeling dizzy and wobbly in your legs when you’re merely standing. Well, the thing is, after a concussion, it’s quite common to experience such symptoms, and if […]

Can Swimming Cause More Painful Migraine Attacks?

Have you started planning your Spring or Summer swimming trips? Have you already filed your vacation leave, packed your travel necessities, and told everyone about your plans but dread the possibility of having an intense migraine episode amid the festivities? Are you concerned that you might need to ditch swimming to prevent your migraine episodes […]

Unmasking Facial Pain Causes: Trigeminal Neuralgia and More

Are you living with facial pain, and you feel like something’s wrong with your face? Does it seem like there's no end in sight, no matter what remedy you try? Are you tired of feeling anxious and disconnected from your body, wondering if this is your new routine and if you just have to accept […]

Semont Maneuver: An Alternative Source of Vertigo Relief

Have you been struggling to keep your balance because of recurring vertigo episodes? Well, you’re certainly not alone! Thousands of people across the country experience spinning sensations because of vestibular disorders like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This condition is characterized by brief episodes of spinning that occur as a result of an imbalance between […]

How Omega-3 Can Help with Migraine Headaches

Frequent migraines and upper cervical pains? It might be time to take a second look at your diet and see how you can improve it to naturally manage migraines.

Is Facial Pain The Same With Trigeminal Neuralgia?

If you experience painful trigeminal neuralgia symptoms, seek your healthcare provider's help to find effective trigeminal neuralgia pain relief.

4 Myths That Spoil Your Chances of Getting Vertigo Relief

Despite being a common health symptom, vertigo remains confusing to those with it. One reason is that many assume it’s a disease or a condition. However, it’s a sign of an underlying medical problem. Many also get blindsided by popular myths about vertigo attacks. Learn about these common vertigo myths and misconceptions in this blog. […]

Can Weather Fluctuations Trigger Migraine Episodes?

Weather is a big part of everyone's lives. It constantly changes, affects your schedule, and increases the likelihood of experiencing painful health problems like migraine attacks. Notably, several people who experience frequent migraines tend to have worse symptoms because of weather fluctuations. That's why countless people seeking a doctor or upper cervical chiropractor ask about […]

Is There a Link Between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Multiple Sclerosis?

The short answer is YES. According to recent research, more than 3% of multiple sclerosis patients are affected by trigeminal neuralgia. Multiple sclerosis (MS) and trigeminal neuralgia (TN) are both neurological diseases that can create a lot of pain in patients. Multiple sclerosis also triggers an onset of trigeminal neuralgia in some patients. Both MS […]

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