Author: Dr. Pancake

Frida Kahlo and Her Art Portraying Pain and Possibly, Fibromyalgia

Have you been feeling blue because your fibromyalgia symptoms prevent you from going out on dinners? Are you afraid that you’re alone in this endeavor and that no one will ever understand the horrible symptoms you go through? It's not every day you find people coming out of the woodwork and sharing tales of pain […]

Simple Bedtime Tips to Keep Vertigo Episodes at Bay

If you have vertigo, it’s very likely that your sleep is compromised. Luckily there are many vertigo relief forms you can try to address that!

Female Fertility Treatments and Migraine Connection Explained

Have you been experiencing severe migraines since starting your IVF therapy? Make sense of your symptoms and how you can cope with the help of upper cervical care.

Understanding Chronic Fatigue: Facts from a Cervical Chiropractor

For many years, people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were not believed to be suffering from an illness. Sadly, some may have been dismissed and labeled as lazy or crazy. However, that negative connotation of CFS has long been dismissed. Several studies have shown how chronic fatigue syndrome is an actual condition with profound implications. […]

Acupuncture for Meniere’s: How it Works and What to Expect

Most patients who seek a cervical chiropractor explore other complementary remedies for Meniere’s. One example of this is acupuncture. You may have heard about acupuncture therapy from fellow natural remedy enthusiasts. Alternatively, you might have come across this traditional form of medicine through some friends or loved ones who attest to the benefits they enjoyed […]

5 Ways to Help Manage Vestibular Migraines

Let's set things straight, migraines are terrible, but vestibular migraines? That's another story. If you are one of those diagnosed with vestibular migraines, you know the great discomfort it brings. Safe to say, it's having a migraine episode and a vertigo attack simultaneously. Unimaginable, right, sadly, it happens, and some people are living with this […]

Dealing with Guilt and Other Ways to Cope with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic and long-term pain disorder that affects about two percent of the adult population in the country. Sadly, despite being a common problem, some people still don’t consider this an illness. Others also struggle to grasp how it works and how it affects patients and their families. Thankfully, with the advancement […]

How to Travel When You Have a Vertigo-Causing Condition

With travel easing back to normal, many have started to plan their weekend getaways with their friends and family members. Some want to fly to the famous spring break hotspots like San Franciso and Oahu or book a cruise trip to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera. On the one hand, others dread traveling because […]

Can Strong Odors Trigger Chronic Migraine Headaches?

Believe it not, many patients who come to a chiropractor for migraine suffer from a crippling episode because of certain odors. Studies explain that this develops because 95 percent of migraineurs have osmophobia or sensitivity to scents. But how exactly can certain smells trigger symptoms like headaches, vertigo, nausea, and extreme fatigue? Check out the […]

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