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Explaining The Sixth Sense and The Best Vertigo Remedy

Have you been going to emergency rooms because of your recurring vertigo attacks? Are you worried that your spinning sensations will soon overtake your daily routine at home or work? Thousands of people feel the same way. Hundreds are looking for potential vertigo remedies to use so they don’t have to make too many compromises […]

A Runner's Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Back Pain Relief

Are you a runner struggling with persistent back pain that worsens after a rigorous activity like a marathon or a triathlon competition? Has your achy back caused a significant impact on your fitness and performance level, and do you feel anxious that you might eventually need to stop running for a while?  If you answer […]

Can Nasal Polyps Cause Dizziness?

Do you often struggle with sinusitis or allergic reactions? Have you noticed increased pressure inside your nose that does not stem from colds or flu? If you answer yes to both questions, you likely have a nasal polyp,  a benign overgrowth of tissues along your nasal passageway. According to statistics, nasal polyps affect about 4 […]

7 Common Causes of Back Pain That Are Frequently Overlooked

Back pain is a common condition that can cause severe discomfort and harshly limit your ability to do the things you love. It's also one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose, as so many possible causes exist. To make things worse, despite the considerable number of possible causes, it is still often overlooked due […]

There's a Big Chance That Your Stress Can Lead To Migraine

We can't stress enough how important it is to manage your stress levels and prevent migraine episodes from happening. Stress and migraines are connected in a vicious cycle. Stressful events can trigger migraine, and migraine episodes can increase your stress levels. This unpleasant cycle of stress and migraine can affect your quality of life. If […]

Hypertension and More Vertigo Risk Factors

Plenty of patients seeking Upper Cervical Care ask about the specific factors. That’s because many hope to put an end to their spinning sensation and lead a healthier and interruption-free life. So, what are the risk factors for spinning sensations? Is it possible to manage them? More importantly, what options do patients have when coping […]

Scoliosis and Other Causes of Back Pain in The USA

Did you know that about 6 to 9 million adult Americans have scoliosis? Interestingly, the condition usually develops during early childhood. However, the majority of cases often appear in pre-adolescent patients. Most people diagnosed with scoliosis complain about upper and middle back pain. However, some report additional symptoms, including uneven waist and shoulders, leg pain […]

Can Fasting Cause Migraines?

Have you ever come across “fasting headache” while researching an effective way to get rid of migraine and neck pain? Chances are, you already know about it or have experienced it once in your life. But unfortunately, when you noticed the symptoms, you did not know how to manage them. You also likely don’t understand […]

Migraineur Life: Worrying About “What Ifs”

Migraines are a persistent type of headache. They cause throbbing and pulsing head pain felt moderately or severely. Migraineurs often dread the next migraine attack and live with “what ifs.”  What if I did not lose my last job because of chronic migraines? What if I can’t do all the things I wanted because I […]

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