Dr. Ryan Lawlor is the practicing Blair chiropractor at Upper Cervical of San Francisco in California. He is an active and respected member of several organizations, including the International Chiropractic Association, Blair Chiropractic Society, Upper Cervical Council, and the California Chiropractic Association. Frustrated at his migraine, Dr. Ryan decided to find a suitable solution. Thankfully, he came across upper cervical care and decided to train and become a licensed cervical chiropractor. Today, Dr. Lawlor helps thousands of patients who visit his practice. Guided by his training from the Life Chiropractic College West, he provides top-notch patient care. His passion for upper cervical chiropractic has allowed him to make a big difference in many people's lives. It has also earned him recognition from organizations such as the Ministerio de Gobernacion de El Salvador.

Technique/s: Blair Chiropractic

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Stress, Migraine and Neck Pain: What’s the Connection?

Migraine and neck pain often come hand in hand. In fact, if you will ask fellow migraineurs about their accompanying symptoms, you will most likely come across "stiff or painful neck" as a common complaint. Notably, besides sharing similar symptoms, migraineurs also note the same trigger – stress. But how exactly does stress aggravate migraine symptoms? More importantly, what can you do to avoid setting off excruciating episodes?   The article below tackles the connection between stress, migraine and neck pain. We also included a brief discussion on how you can resolve all three problems to live a pain-free life.    [...]

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Can Physical Overexertion Lead to Worse Migraine Episodes?

The simple answer? Yes! It may seem a bit confusing as you may have heard that migraine is a neurological disorder, so how can physical activities and exhaustion from it affect the severity of your migraine attacks? To better understand the connection they share, please read on. This article will discuss migraine attacks and physical overexertion, how they exacerbate one another, and how you can best wrestle them to come out triumphantly healthy and pain-free. On top of all that, we will also tackle the connection between migraine and neck pain and how upper cervical chiropractic can help.    Migraine [...]

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Dizzy Spells in Seniors: 7 Leading Causes Explained

Countless seniors experience dizzying spells and spinning sensations. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know why they experience the symptoms, while others wait for their health complaints to improve without seeking medical help. Do you have senior loved ones who have the same dilemma? If yes, then maybe you might know how to help them better by understanding the seven leading causes of dizziness and vertigo in older people. Let’s help you get acquainted with different health concerns, ranging from peripheral vertigo to hypoglycemia.  1. Dehydration Dehydration is among the leading triggers of health problems like dizziness and vertigo attacks. It [...]

Can a Chiropractor Fix a Pinched Nerve & Ease Pain and Numbness?

When people suspect having nerve pinching, they often key in two questions in the search engine. The first one goes something like, “why do nerve pinching cause pain and numbing sensation?”. Meanwhile, the second one focuses on asking specifics on remedies, so they type, “can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?” If you have a similar experience or have questions that somehow relate to these things, our guide on the hallmark symptoms of nerve pinching and its best remedies might help you navigate through daily challenges.    Indicators of a Compressed Nerve Chronic pain A compressed nerve can cause burning [...]

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Eliminate Stress and Neck Pain

Stress and neck pain are common health complaints, especially among people who work around the clock. The worst part about them is that they can significantly impact various aspects of life. If these two health issues took over your life last year, now is the perfect time to turn things around. We have listed five simple and practical new year’s resolutions to help avoid stress and an achy neck.  #1 - Improve sleeping position  How you sleep at night can affect what you will feel for the rest of the day. If you sleep in an awkward position, you compromise [...]

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Can Throwing Up Relieve Migraine?

Thousands of Americans experience migraine attacks regularly. Unfortunately, because of this, many have tried to exhaust desperate measures, including easing migraine to the point of vomiting. But does this approach work, or will it only lead to more complicated health concerns? What other ways can patients use to cope? Would it help to seek a chiropractor for migraines? Let’s ease your worries by discussing more facts and insights on this neurovascular condition and the most practical approaches available.   How Migraine Affects Overall Health Migraine remains a widespread neurological problem for both young and old people. It causes intense pain [...]

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